The Omnipotent Overlord

This would have been my entry to the Makuta contest, but after attempting to reach the site for over half an hour before the deadline to submit it, and not having any success at all, this ultimately just ended up a huge-waste-of-time-that-kinda-looks-alright.

This my interpretation of the form Makuta takes after first putting on the Mask of Ultimate Power.

He's called 'The Omnipotent Overlord' because There just weren't enough Makutas with that title. /s
And because he's omnipotent, I thought that was the dealio with the Mask of Ultimate Power anyway? :stuck_out_tongue:

The large ring on his back was originally just an ornamental disc, but after looking at some MOCs that did "big round backpacks" better than I do, I took a bit of inspiration from a few, especially @Shadowgear6335's Migrator.
The ring now serves as a means of harnessing and stabilizing the once-uncontrollable and immense power of the mask, and Makuta can use it to channel each element individually.

Here you can see my version of the MoUP and the disc-thing in all its overly-simplified elemental glory!

Pro tip! if you export the model you work on in LDD to a separate file after every "session", you can keep 'backups' and take cool shots showing exactly how the MOC progressed at each stage. :smiley:

I'm going to try to stay optimistic about this thing even though I feel kinda salty and really bummed about how I wasn't able to enter in the contest.
Good luck to anybody who did enter!

Thanks for your time!


to be honest that big messy thing in his back looks awful
but other than that the moc is great


I think it looks great on its own. It's a real bummer he can't enter. Fantastic job. :+1:🏻

The arms could've been executed better, but I like everything else.

Now, to invent the time machine.

The figure itself is good, but the thing on the back kind of ruins the cohesion.

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I love his back.

Guess I'm flying over to your house now.

This looks great, I'm honestly surprised no one else thought to use the speaker piece on the moop.

The name is terribly generic, and the moc isn't all that much better.
But I like it.

@Ghosty Thank you. The ring was a little rushed, but I really don't think it looks that bad, just messy :stuck_out_tongue:
@Rota_Lorem Thanks! Yeah, sucks a bit, but I'm really only missing out on a 1 in over 2000 chance of even getting anything at all because there are more than just 6 entries in the contest deserving of either prize tier.
@Leoxandar We must go back!!! and do you mean the elemental earth and jungle arms, or the ones actually attached to his body? They're both based on the same construction, and that construction isn't terribly inventive either tbh...
@Joe Thank you! I don't think it ruins the cohesion of the built, it's the same kind of aesthetics but the colours definitely contrast, admittedly too much. I also think it makes the details of Makuta himself a little difficult to make out, which is something I definitely wish I had noticed before taking the screenshots.
@decepticonaiden Thanks for the unpopular opinion! :wink:
@Likus Thank you! and yeah, thought it was the perfect piece for it.
@Hutere Yeah, pretty much just another big, bipedal Makuta... Couldn't really whip together a dragon or demon or any other really impressive or creative build in the time or with the parts I had :stuck_out_tongue:
The name however I thought wasn't too bad. There were a lot of "master of darkness" or "master of all the elements", and so, S O many 'overlords'.
I settled on "Omnipotent Overlord" because I liked the alliteration, and there was literally no other entry that used that word. :smiley:


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The torso reminds me of a cross between the iron giant, and the MataNui robot.


@MaximusPrime I was just going for an up-scaled version of the 2015 protector torso/armor add-on piece, but that works too!

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The 2015 addon piece essentially is a remake of the mata nui robot/toa mata torso anyways, ao regardleas the resemblance is gonna be there

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As far as my actual opinion on the moc, I think its really well done. Although, it looks like the pose-ability is limited, and it looks rather cluttered with the element thing on its back. Still, overall, really well done.

What's a moop?

A misspelling of Mask of Ultimate Power

Oh. Thanks.