The One in Chains (Self Moc)

It’s about time I posted one of my creations, and what better way to start than with my self moc?

(I am good at spelling)

Meet Makuta Falcon, or as he is better known, The One in Chains.
Name: Falcon
Titles: Makuta, The One in Chains, The Last Makuta
Species: Makuta
Powers: All makuta powers, though he has a tendency towards lightning.
Story/Bio: coming soon

C&C appreciated!


It’s time for a quick KARP/10 review. (K.A.R.P. Kool, And, Rad, Playa!)

Is it Kool And Rad? Yes. Good work Playa!\


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I just love that axe design, oh and the rest is pretty good too, 8/9…


If I may ask, does the sword still have a shooting mechanism or something like that?

It’s kind of cluttered.

He looks pretty good. A definite Bulk-Master. :wink:

10/10 for…

[Takes deep breath]


I think I might need therapy.

This is a pretty Fantasti-cool™ Sekf Moc. :wink:

I forgot something. The pictures I took here were not in my current setup, or with my current camera, so most of the things I upload should have better quality photography.
Now, for replies:

@The_Owl Yes, the sword can still shoot. instead of the rod in the middle controlling the fire though, instead the grey-bit itself controls the fire.

@PekekoaOfJungle Thanks, and I really wish you could change the titles on imgur albums…

@Sciencegiraffe In what areas, specifically, would you say it is the worst? I kind of like my mocs a little cluttered, but I’d like to know which areas you specifically think it could use the most work?

@MagiKarp_Splashes @EvilLobsterKing @helryx @Plural @Adazai Thanks!


Just a few things in the torso, like the off centered red pieces. But that’s fine. What really needs work is the legs. The bird legs have got to go.

There aren’t any off-center red bits in the torso. There are red (really trans-orange) bits, but they are not off-center. And yes, I’ll agree that the legs need work, but the extra joint stays. I’ll begin working on the legs soon.

I keep reading this topics title as “One In The Chamber”

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Well there is a revolver built into his sword, so I guess if he’s almost out of ammo that works too.