The ongoing events of the Toa Empire reality

The toa empire timeline was very interesting angle and place to visit; a dark future where tuyet won out in her battle with lhikan and became a despot ruler, crushing the dark hunter & brotherhood of makuta and turning most of the toa into iron-fisted tyrants. Last we saw of this world, takanuva arrived and helped start a rebellion; tuyet was poised to flee to another reality and start again as the matoran and other species rose up and closed in on her base. She gets cut in half by the portal for her troubles and takanuva goes on his merry way.
I always thought it would be interesting to see what events unfolded in this reality after that point. My personal canon events are…

-the uprising won, but it was a very long, hard fight against the toa and their powers. Those toa that lived would likely be stripped of their masks and imprisoned.

-I imagine that either pohatu or lesovikk would be chosen as a new leader, as both were the most active in resisting tuyet.

-teridax would likely quickly fall to his usual schemes, either in a more subtly political way or the more open evil overlord way of the main reality. Either way, I feel like he’d eventually become the new threat to the matoran universe, but a much more cautious, slow-building one as he no longer had the brotherhood to back him.

-speaking of which, I imagine krika, who’d have never mutated into his insect form, earnestly breaking from teridax and joining as a leader amongst the new leadership.

-I figure as all had suffered equally under the toa, there would easily be stronger connections and unity between the matoran and other races.

-as the toa were considered dishonorable and distained now, I imagine matoran would train to be better warriors as they are, maybe developing new weapons, and shun the idea/chance to be toa going forward.

-There are also two entities in this reality that we’d yet to see; the order of mata nui; it seems weird they would not have become involved, hell helryx seems like she would have been down to join the empire. Also mata nui himself, who never fell to sleep here and so how was he cool with and never intervened in any way?

So those are just my personal ideas on how the events of theat reality may have continued to play out. How do others imagine they would?


One big plot point could be the Nui Stone; if it was left behind, what’s stopping one of the corrupt Toa from picking it up and starting again?

Of course, it’s also possible that it was lost in interdimensional space with Tuyet’s upper half, but we don’t know for sure.

It would definitely be interesting to see what would happen in a universe without Toa; the rest of the universe might not even trust the “good” Toa, like Pohatu and Lesovikk.


So with Takua gone, who will become the toa of light?

Maybe no one; with the Makuta greatly reduced in power, there might be no need for destiny to produce a Toa of Light.

It would also be interesting because the other Toa Mangai would probably still live (who knows which side they joined).

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well naho, who im glad didnt go bad, rebelled by saving the shadowed one, but got captured, tuyet had roodaka mutate her(so she might have looked like the main universe nidhiki) and she was put on display in the archives. so id like to think after the uprising she would be freed and restored eventually.

that suddenly makes me want a blue version of the nidhiki set lol


Here you go


I could imagine her as a mix of nidhiki and ursula. For a deep sea feeling. Or maybe similar to some barraki.


When I read what happened to her I pictured “display” quite literally and envisioned her as some sort of sentient post modern “sculpture” kind of like the raptor “lamps” Diego made in jojo part 7 or the colonials in All Tomorrows.

Krika deserved a happy ending. if not in the main reality then in the pararel.

Greg said Order o Mata nui would have stopped Tuyet if they knew she had murdered the Matoran to implicate the Dark Hunters. I have no idea what was their excuse when she started to kill them publicly. Altough she only imprisoned turaga Dume, maybe she didn’t kill any matoran.

Helryx: “you go girl”

Mata Nui was more interested in the happenings of the cosmos and with his mission than in the beings inside him. As long as Matoran kept working he had no reason to intervene. Heck even Matoran civil war was not enough to make him more interested on his subjects. That nearly killed him.

He handed day to day ruling to Barraki and creation of Rahi to Makuta so he could concetrate on more abstract things.

Matoran Midak.


EEEEEEEEEEE! thank you, this is canon to me now :grin:

god i hope not, though i wouldnt put it past tuyet. as far as i know, the archives was still a zoo/preserve for creatures, but also for powerful weapons and artifacts too, but i could be wrong.

well she still did a lot of messed up stuff that felt like it should have warranted their attention. i mean they dipped their hands in a lot of shady ■■■■ themselves, so either they were fine with it and willing to look the other way(like i said, helryx might have been cool, with tuyets ways) or there was something up that we never had the opportunity to know or see

I always got the impression that Tuyet’s forces wiped out the OoMN given Brutakha’s death at the hands of Bomonga.

“Fair?” asked Bomonga. “He was an enemy of the Empire; he tried to prevent our lawful exploration of Voya Nui. Who cares how he died, as long as he’s dead?”

I’d assume they stumbled upon him as they were exploring Voya Nui. Maybe he did something recless and faced them alone. despite Axonns warning that they should stay hidden.

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aaaaah, very true, and as mata nui never went to sleep, brutaka would have not lost his faith and still been with the order, who likely would not have been cool with one of their members getting whacked, so maybe it is possible the empire and order had it out and the order is gone in this reality.


I dont think the Toa Empire is gone after Tuyets death. Sure many Toa were killed in the rebellion like most of the Toa Mata, but other Toa may still be around to fill the vacuum of Tuyets death. So either the empire fragments as various surviving Toa become warlords or someone pulls a Caesar and proclaims themselves the new Emperor. I think the most likely candidate for Tuyets successor would be Nidhiki who would have been the only other Toa to know about Lhikans murder.


Ceasar didn’t steal power from another dictator but was voted as absolute ruler and refused to lose his power.

His son augustus on the otherhand took power so he is considered first “emperor” he was the one who made the surename Caesar into emeperors title.