The Oonie MOC Crew

Hello, Oonie here. So I've made a few MOCs in my spare time. In all honesty, they're not that great, but for what it's worth, they do look pretty cool. I figured the boards were a good place to post 'em, so here we are!

Here we have the main crew. From the left there's Daranus (mega): Hero Factory villain, Boost: My dubbed Hero Factory Self-MOC, Oonie: my Self-MOC*, Cacola: my buddy Cacola's Self-MOC*, and Oonta: BA female warrior.

*We were too lazy to name them otherwise stuck_out_tongue

These guys are the extended crew. In other words, they're the MOCs that I haven't needed to break apart yet. They're not the most impressive. We have Krone (awkward cyborg dude, back-left), Shmib (blue guy, front-left). Mini Dude (orange one, front-center), Scott Auron (silver hero-knight, front-right), and the Ultra Behemoth Energized Robot mech with hero Nexus, (the big guy, back-center).

Hope you all like this glimpse at my MOCs. For more, be sure to check out my YouTube channel; OonieandCacola! smiley (Shameless plug)



They look pretty good smile

And, the variety is definitely there smiley

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Nice lineup. They look pretty well done. Could we maybe get individual pictures sometime?

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Pretty cool!


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I like the UBER.

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Here's a few close-ups. Will post more later...



Now that I've seen these individual shots, they look way better than what I originally perceived! smiley

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Now I wish I had an orange Pakari stuck_out_tongue

Thanks for the closeups, they still look pretty good.
(I'll try not to nitpick, unless you really want me to.)

Never ask Steve to nitpick


By the way, shout out to my buddy Cacola for letting me put his Self-MOC in the crew (the green guy)!


I'm not Grayson. For me it's "Steven", not Steve.

And, well, for some people it helps.

Grayson isn't Steve either

He calls himself as such, though.

Nowadays he goes by his real name much more than he goes by SteveTheSquid

Plus, your name isn't Hawkflight or Stormjay or Exserion or whatever, but you call yourself that, right?

That was the only "Steve" that I could reference, though.

Ah, alright

Glad to see that nobody wants to hear anything to do with Steve Puckett

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Just now saw this topic, RIP

I especially like your self-MOC!

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Huh...that's oddly coincidental... :wink:

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