The Orignal Role of the Ruru & Matatu (2001 Research)

This is a smaller “project” I’ve been working on over the summer. It is mainly a a compilation of several different pieces of research on the 2001 sets, and discoveries and theories that have come alongside with them. As the title of this post says, a lot of it pertains particularly to the Kanohi Ruru and Kanohi Matatu, the masks worn by Turaga Whenua and Nuju.

Some this stuff you have already heard of, some of it you may not. A lot of this has come together through discussion with several community members on different fronts and I do want to say, those discussions and the sharing of knowledge are always incredibly fun.

I’d also like to bring attention to the Peter Mack interview, which can be found here. I found it a highly interesting read, and just a tid bit from it is what lead me to creating this document.

Without further ado, enjoy (or don’t, if you prefer):


This makes me curious what the Kaita look like wearing those misprints, with what I assume would be the red Ruru on Akamai and the green Matatu on Wairuha.