The Oscars

I just realized there isn't a topic for the Oscars, so I made when. Seems fitting, considering they were yesterday. So let's discuss the Academy Awards n' such.

Just a quick note, don't bring up the more controversial parts of the Awards that violate the board rules.

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Haven't seen either La La Land or Moonlight so I can't comment on which one I thought truly deserved to win. I'm glad that Fantastic Beasts one an oscar for costumes and at the very least Rogue One was nominated.


Only award I really cared for was special effects, cause I wanted Doctor Strange to win. As you can tell, I'm pretty miffed about that.


Yeah, that was an odd choice. I'd say folding a city in half is good enough to win.

La La Land is alright, its a musical romance. My main issue was primarily that it felt a bit formulaic, it follows a typical 'Times of the year' pattern which represents the emotional developments of the characters. The seasons are the changing stages of the relationship.

I've heard about Moonlight and from the synopsis its not really peaked my interest enough to give it a watch - maybe if i'm bored one day.

I'm suprised that Suicide Squad recieved the award for hair and make-up instead of Star Trek; Beyond - i think that the make-up in Suicide Squad was alright, but Star Trek; Beyond was insane in its hair and make-up;

Yep, definitely feel that it should have won for special effects, though i can understand why Jungle Book beat it given it was primarily animals with fur - and fur effects generally are considered more impressive. A shot of an animal in the rain for example - in a similar way to how Life Of Pi impressed audiences a while back for its visuals of the Tiger.


Most controversial part of the Oscars for me: Suicide Squad winning


I've never really payed The Oscars any attention. The results seem meaningless to me in the end.


Never saw it myself, but my best friend did, and he said that everyone overhated it, an he actually enjoyed it.

Not that it should've won, but food for thought.

0/10 not enough Marvel.

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Yeah, there were some weird decisions.

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Ever since Suicide Squad won the best make-up Oscar every single Marvel and DC page I'm following on Facebook won't shut up about it.

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IMO, the Oscars is just Hollywood tooting it's own horn.


And the winner is...

OOPS! All La La Lands.


We’ve been snubbed by the Oscars…again. I wanted to create my own topic about this in the Lego category, but then this topic popped up, so I decided to come here instead.

The nominations for the 2020 Oscars have been announced. And looking at the Best Animated Feature category, I see no sign of The Lego Movie 2. Or Frozen II.

This is the latest in a history of Oscars ceremonies where they gave the finger to The Lego Movie franchise. In 2014, The Lego Movie came out and blew everybody’s minds. It was a major milestone for not just animated movies, but for movies in general. It proved that even stupid concepts can be turned into great movies. And then…the Oscars completely ignored it in the Best Animated Feature Category.

Come 2017, and The Lego Batman Movie was released to critical and commercial success. The Lego Ninjago Movie had a more mixed response, but it wasn’t terrible. And then came the infamous 2018 Oscars where they ignored those movies in favor of Boss Baby.

Now in 2020, they ignored The Lego Movie 2, even though it received critical acclaim like its predecessor. All in favor of titles that…did anyone even see Klaus or I Lost My Body? And How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World…ugh. I did not like that movie. I’m not gonna go into detail about why because 1.) it’s an unpopular opinion, and 2.) it would take up a whole separate topic.

Seriously, what is it that the Oscars have against Lego movies? Are they still stuck on the “Eh, tHiS Is a dUMb idEa” mentality that everyone had before the first movie came out? Or do they just want to promote the movies that went relatively unseen? Seriously, the fact that they chose Boss Baby over Lego Batman sends a strong signal that they have beef with Lego movies for some reason.

Yes. They did.

And Klaus was really good. So was the third How to Train Your Dragon.

They have limited candidates and they like looking for what they think is artistic. The Acadamy Awards isn’t a “look this movie was popular so we reward it” kind of show. They pick the films with the deepest cultural impact, and the best use of filmography, sound, etc. that creates art.

I disagree with this strongly. I saw HTTYD3, and it wasn’t Oscar material. Later on, I’ll make another topic explaining why I don’t like the HTTYD sequels.

I’m not really talking about popularity. The first Lego movie had a genuine impact on our culture, in that it took a beloved toyline and proved that it can be turned into an amazing movie. It had superb animation, writing, and acting. If that’s not art, I don’t know what is.

TLBM, on the other hand…it really only impacted the superhero side of pop culture. But in comparison to Boss Baby, it’s much more Oscar-worthy. Let me ask-HOW ON EARTH IS BOSS BABY LEGITIMATE ART???

And even though it’s not the argument you’re making, TLM2 probably wouldn’t qualify for the “reward it for its popularity” thing. Not many people saw it in comparison to its predecessors, so…