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I was surprised that there wasn’t a topic about The Owl House yet so I made one now. I just finished all of season one, season two is coming soon. From the wiki page- “The Owl House is an American animated fantasy television series created by Dana Terrace and produced by Disney Television Animation. It premiered on Disney Channel on January 10, 2020.[4][5][6] In November 2019, the series was renewed for a second season prior to the series premiere set to release in early 2021.”[7]


The owl house is good, but I prefer Amphibia overall.

King and Lumity are cute though


And that’s okay. :+1:

I’ve personally been really enjoying the show so far. Basically went in blind right when it started airing back in January. Been discussing the show almost week by week with some of the former mods after roping them in to watch it. I’ve loved all the different characters we’ve been introduced to so far even some of the more minor ones. I’m interested to see where things go with Season 2 especially with the new characters it looks like we will be getting. Also, all the PAIN. I’m guessing it’s going to be coming in February or March, as that’s when the rest of season 2 of Amphibia is supposed to continue

If anybody hasn’t had a chance to watch the show yet, please do. It just came out on Disney+ the day that I’m writing this, so you should try and give it a shot


Really?! Man I wish I watched it on Disney+ then watching it through Kisscartoon, That would have been way easier.

TOH returns on June 12th!


Looks like we’re getting a season 3 as well, but it’s only going to be three 44-minute episodes. Seems to have been part of the reason why Dana left Twitter in December (She came back a couple of weeks ago)


new trailer


On another unrelated note I’m already way too invested in this new character

I think Dana Terrace said that he’s her favorite character in season 2.

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Ohh can’t wait.

The fact that this is only season 2A (aka the first 10 episodes) and that this wax the least spoilery they could make the trailer, I’m very excited to see where things go starting next weekend

I thought it was Alador Blight that was her favorite (at least to write)

Also, don’t know if y’all have heard but the Paley Center is showing the first 2 episodes on Saturday the 5th, (tickets sold out almost a week ago though so there’s no way to get into the event) so try and not accidentally spoil yourself over the next two weeks or so

Edit: Reviving this topic as the first 5 episodes that were announced for season 2 have all aired. I’m aware that there’s been a bunch of leaks being spread around about later episodes (including season 2b), so if you want to discuss those, please put them in spoiler tags

In terms of the first 5 episodes, man, all I have to say is that Dana and the crew are knocking it out of the park so far. You can definitely tell that Dana has a lot more control over this season than she did with season 1. The amount of lore and character development we’ve gotten out of just these 5 episodes has been immense. I can’t wait to see where the rest of the season goes. If anybody who is reading this has not had a chance to see these episodes, they should be up on Disney+ on July 21st

Spoiler talk time

Separate Tides: I would have to say that out of the 5 episodes so far, the first one was kinda the weakest. While we did get introduced to the golden guard, aside from that, we kinda didn’t get much development other then seeing the effects of the finale still looming over the owl house crew.

Escaping Expulsion Loved Odalia, but I feel like we haven’t gotten the full scope of Alador’s character yet. The revelation about the necklace was pretty interesting, especially given that it seems like it’s something that Amity has worn since she was a little kid. We also hit the mutual pining stage in the relationship thanks to Molly Knox Ostertag (if she’s writing an episode you know it’s going to deal with Luz and Amity’s relationship). It was also kinda sweet to see how much Principal Bump cared about the Hexside trio and how he really didn’t want to have to expel them. Also, I like that we got more info about how glyphs work and how they can be combined to perform different spells.

Echoes Of The Past (includes Amphibia S2 spoilers): Probably one of the best, if not the best episode of the season so far. King’s backstory was really interesting and something that will probably be tackled some more in the second half of this season. Baby King is freaking adorable. Alex did an amazing job with voicing King in that episode. Finally, bazooka Hooty was freaking hilarious, along with Edas flying tub (which I completely missed in the first episode). I have a feeling Jean-Luc is going to serve a similar purpose to Frobo from Amphibia.

Keeping Up A-fear-ances (includes She-Ra S4 spoilers): Can definitely tell that the focus of the episode was on anti-vax parents and/or those who buy into MLM-type schemes. Man, I feel bad for Lilith and how she was somewhat ostracized by her mother after she gave Eda the curse. Also didn’t expect to learn how Eda found the portal, but that was pretty cool as well. Also, Lilith and King discussing their parental problems on the couch while eating ice cream kinda reminded me of when Mermista was sulking in her tub after Salineas was destroyed near the end of season 4 of She-Ra. Was also kind of sad to see Lillith go at the end, but I have a feeling this may have been done to save a bit on budget. Also, the fact that there was once another human on the boiling isles wasn’t super surprising, given the forcefield from the very first episode, but still, it was interesting nonetheless. Creepy Luz though, I most definitely wasn’t expecting that right at the end of the episode.

Through the Looking Glass Ruins Glad we finally got another Gus-centered episode (the last one was all the way back near the end of season 1a) and that we also got to learn a bit about Glandus. Also, I like that we got some more development with Matt and I’ll be interested to see where things go from here with him and Gus. Given that it was another Molly episode again, you just knew this was going to focus on Amity and Luz’s relationship at least somewhat and man did this episode deliver. I’ll definitely be interested to see how it’s handled going forwards as shows like this usually save main character relationships until right near the end of the show. I also found it interesting how long ago the human was on the isles, as I was expecting something like the 1800 or 1900s, not the 1600s.

Non-episode-related thoughts: I like that we’re learning more about the covens due to people’s coven symbols on their arms being shown and that we’re going to be meeting the person who is the head of the bard coven in a few weeks. Also, Alador mentioned that Amity could become the head of the Abomination coven with how powerful she is becoming, so we’ll likely be meeting more of them at some point based on the intro. I also like how we’ve now had every single person in the main cast (except for WIlow) have an appearance change in some way since the end of season 1. I hope Willow gets the opportunity at some point, although I have a feeling her track change from right at the beginning of season 1 might be her only one.

Overall, I’m really excited to see what the rest of this season has to offer as based on these first couple of episodes, it looks like we’ve got an amazing season ahead of us


I don’t know if I still agree with this or not. Season 2 is quite good so far

I’ve really enjoyed all of the episodes so far for season 2, but now we likely have to wait until 2022 for the second half. At least there’s Amphibia S3 to fill the gap.

Also, now that somebody other than me has posted in this topic, I think it’s time to give my thoughts on the other five episodes for Season 2A

Hunting Palismen: Was nice to see Luz and the Golden Guard (or Hunter as I’m going to be calling him from now on) interact with one another and see what felt like almost a sibling dynamic form between the two of them. Learning more about Hunter and in turn Belos was a nice plus as we now know that the staffs the two of them use are powered by artificial magic and that Belos needs the palisman blood so he doesn’t turn into a goo monster. We also now know a bit more about the day of unity and that Lux is from Conneticut. I also like the fact that Luz didn’t get her palismen this episode and instead gets to make her own, which I feel gives her the chance to let her creativity shine. Hunter also got his own palisman, although based on what the Bat Queen said and the mid season finale, I feel like there is a bigger connection between the two of them. Also, we finally got to see the Bat Queen again after she disappeared for basically 3/4ths of a season. Finally, I believe this may be the start of Kikimora’s descent into madness in order to prove her loyalty to Belos

Eda’s Requiem: Nice to see the Owl House get a bit more diverse in its LGBTQ rep with the introduction of its first nonbinary character in Raine. We also got another memorable side character in the form of Amber. Also, I didn’t think we’d see food fan fiction girl again, although based on the fact that Tiny Nose is somewhat of a recurring character and that the eye-eating prisoner was in the finale of season 1, it felt like she would probably return at some point. Was also kinda cute to see that Eda and Raine still had crushes on one another even though they’d broken up a while ago and that King wanted Eda to adopt him. Getting to learn a bit more about the covens and their heads was also a nice addition, hopefully, we get more of them in season 2b. Finally, I’m interested to see how the creature that looks like King at the end of the episode is related to him

Knock, Knock, Knockin’ on Hooty’s Door: One of the best, if not, the best episodes of the series so far. So much plot advancement, backstory, and character-building in just that one episode. Thanks for that Hooty although you slightly ruined it by swallowing King’s letter absentmindedly. Was cool to learn more about demons in King’s part of the episode and that he doesn’t technically fit into any of the three categories for demons. Was also cool to see him gain the sonic screech ability. In terms of Eda’s part, it was good to finally accept the owl beast as a part of her (the new transformation is an added bonus) and learn more about her past, like her previous relationship with Raine and with her family members, including her father whose mentioning in ‘Keeping Up A-fear-ances’ made Eda look apprehensive. Even got some backstory on the owl beast and that it was originally its own creature before being forced to become a spell by the Collector (Hopefully we see them return again at some point). Finally, we got Lumity confirmed in Luz’s part of the episode. I’ll be interested to see how the crew will handle this, as these kinds of relationships don’t usually happen until near the very end of the show

Eclipse Lake: Didn’t think we were going to get a Belos face reveal, but I’m not complaining. We also got to see Kikimora become a bit more unhinged, which I feel will come back to bite her even more at some point. I thought Amity’s new necklace and the Collector (before they were revealed to be in the last episode) would play a part in this episode, but I guess not. We may have also gotten hints that could be something called a grimwalker based on the color of the eyes of the person on the open page. Was also nice to explore a bit more of the knee after getting somewhat of a look at it back in season 1. Kinda sad that we didn’t get to see Amity get Ghost. Was kinda cute to see Amity and Luz interacting with one another through what were basically tamagotchi. While I feel like Luz could have explained her message system to Amity at some point before the mission, it showed us how both Amity and Hunter don’t have a good idea of what a proper relationship is, as her first thought for Luz’s message was to complete the task or they’re no longer in a relationship, although King thankfully corrected her on that. Finally, I think Hunter needs therapy once this show is done based on his breakdown during the episode.

Yesterday’s Lie I loved the introduction of Vee and how she wasn’t as scary as she was somewhat originally portrayed. Also, it gives The First Day from season 1 even more plot relevance due to the fact that Vee was also a basilisk and that they went extinct long ago but were brought back by Belos to study. The in-between realm was weird but also cool in that it allowed Luz the ability to “reflect” on some of her actions. The hint at Vee’s real name when Luz tried to calm herself was also a nice touch. It definitely felt like part of the focus of the episode was on conspiracy theorists with Jacob being that main one. The easter egg to Gravity Falls with Eda taking the name Marilyn in the human realm (Stan apparently married someone named Marilyn for about a day who had a similar appearance to Eda) was also a nice touch. The pilot (blue striped tee) and beta design (red baseball bat) references were also fun little touches. We also learned a bit more about Philip and the fact that he had a brother who went with him to the Demon Realm. One of them also had a cardinal on his shoulder in the picture which is likely the same palisman that Hunter now has. Finally, man, I hope Luz and Camila are able to repair their relationship when Luz finally gets back as Luz’s slip up kinda ended things on a sour note between the two of them.

Non-episode-related thoughts: I still hope that Willow gets an outfit change at some point this season, as well as some more character development, as it feels like she’s been pushed to the side a bit in this first half of the season. I wonder if we’ll actually get the day of Unity this season or if that will be pushed to one of the specials for season 3. Also, I have a feeling that Belos is one of the brothers mentioned in Yesterday’s Lie, but I don’t know exactly which one he is. I also feel that Hunter is connected to those two as well in one way or another. Once again, I hope we see some more of the coven heads, as now we’ve seen 3 out of the 7 main ones so far. I hope we get some more human realm stuff at some point, although I feel like that may have been screwed over a bit with the shortening of season 3. Also, Hooty is likely going to cough up that letter at some point during the second half of the season meaning that we’ll learn more about the person that seems related to King. I also hope that King gets more powers than just his sonic screech. Finally, I hope we get to see Luz actually carve her palisman as a part of an episode, but again, the shortened season 3 may have messed that up.

Once again, I can’t wait to see what Season 2B has in store but based on these first 10 episodes, it looks like it’s going to be pretty good


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So the show is back for season 2B and is still managing to hit it out of the park with each and every episode. I don’t think there’s been a single episode so far of season 2 that I haven’t disliked



I’m pretty sure that Emperor Bellos

is Phillip

Man was that a great season of the Owl House. I can’t think of a single episode that I didn’t absolutely enjoy.

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Bada bing Bada boom I resurrect this topic from its doom.

Dang that first episode of season 3 really did happen

Dana please, hasn’t hunter suffered enough?

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I loved all the different fandom references like Lumity, Duolingo and Little Witch Academia (anime that fans felt had a lot of similarities to the show)