The_Owl's Owls

Here are some Mocs of my favourite animals and name sake. Why owls you ask you ask? Because they are epic and mean a lot to me and my family in real life. Long story.

So let’s star out with just this basic tiny system owl designed to sit on my self Moc’s shoulder.

Yeah pretty basic but I’m satisfied with it.

Second owl is much more complex

I call this one the Guardian Owl. Sorry for the terrible lighting in these photos.

The Guardian Owl is not an actual living owl like the first one. It is an ancient drone with the ability to fly and shoot energy beams out of it’s chest mounted cannon.

But wait, there’s more!

The Guardian Owl can split into the individual components seen below

And they can be connected to my Self Moc…

To create the ultimate owl powered Watcher! He now has shoulder blasters, wings and cool head fins! The idea of having an owl combine with my Self Moc was initially inspired by the 2016 uniters.

But what about the rest of the owl? Well that turns into a hover turret that can be used by my smallest Mocs

That’s it for now. Constructive critism appreciated as usual. Thanks


Blast the Dermis Turtle has control over a Turret

Vanaru why didn’t you stop him
Getting revenge for your left arm and right eye


Amazing MOC

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I guess I’m not the only person who has fins on the head of his Self-MoC.

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This is a great MOC!

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I love the tiny owl in particular. It’s so darn cute!

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An small owl then a big owl that decombines into upgrade parts?


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I like the owls and mini-moc.

Owl #1 is especially cute.

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The first owl is pretty adorable. The second one is a bit too clunky for my tastes, but I like how his parts can combine with other stuff.

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