The Packed Lunch

Hello and how are you? I made this art as a tribute to Lula Granji, the band. These are the three main characters from the Show “The Packed Lunch”. On the left is Hirobot with a realistic brain I designed, in the middle is a turtle named Marturtle as I drew him to resemble a realistic turtle with his shell, his hands and feet with the sharp claws like the Common Box Turtle, and lastly is Hornth on the right who is a Orc-Kobold Goblin-Elf hybrid as he is holding Marturtle.

Please check out the music Lula Granji when you get the chance.

Hirobot, Hornth, and Marturtle © The Packed Lunch
The Packed Lunch © Lula Granji


A turtle with a He-Man cut is a terrifying thing to behold.

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The turtle with the He-Man haircut is named Marturtle @Ghid . He is an original character made my Lula Granji.

He has his own animated series.