The Papercraft Topic

as the titel states, this is a topic to share/ post papercrafts for others , or go searcing for papercrafts yourself
the papercrafts do not have to have a theme

so, first let me show to you what i have done.
i kinda like undertale, so i got this :point_down:

but i want it to look more like this :point_down: because we don’t have color printer ink

so i modified, modified, and modified some more.
and then, it was complete

so, what is your papercraft


Super cool octillery papercraft


keep em coming.
and :point_down:

No official but :fish_cake:

Aw man, I love doing this stuff.

I often do minecraft stuff, sometimes Portal stuff, but currently I’m making Halo armour from a papercraft template.

I know this topic is old and inactive, but I will be waiting for more activity. I love Papercraft, and I have some models I’d like to share. Anyone interested? I’ll start with C.E.V.I.N.


a little accesoirie for yer bonkels

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I’ve made a nuva cube with detailed grooves and colour. Anyone interested? I have .pdfs, .pdos, and 3D file types.