The Perfect Head

Over the years Bionicle has created many different heads over the years each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Tohunga heads have those strange foot things. Mata heads can fit most mask including the Krana. Metru heads brought in changeable eye stocks. Inika heads brought… The birth of @Nyran ? Glatoran heads brought helmets. And Okoto heads brought the unmasking function.

But the most important function of the head is to wear the mask/ helmet. But over the years the masks have changed so not all masks can fit on all heads. So what would be the perfect head both in looks and in mask-wearing capability?

Here’s some more head designs I found on Devianart.


The perfect head for me would be one that keeps the mask on rather well and looks like a face without its mask, so basically a Mistika eyestock with a G2 head.


The G2 head is ALMOST perfect, but the high rod stops light from entering the eyes.

If they fixed that, it’s perfect.

Also, those head designs are cool. (except you, Hordika, except you)


I really like the G2 head, it’s like the Metru head, but without the derp mouth.

Also, I really like seeing realistic interpretations of bionicle heads like that. They look cool. Unless it’s human, I hate that.

Might want to fix that.


I personally found the head introduced in 04’ to be the most practical in regards to comparability, seeing as the design of the mouth could fit both 01-03 masks and 04-10. However, the original head still showed slight signs of compatability with masks attaching via rod, such as Takanuva’s Avohkii, though with others it looked very awkward. The Glatorian and Av- Matoran heads also felt kinda awkward, as the Av- Matoran heads left a lot of the back sticking out (ex: Takanuva Stars) and the Glatorian heads (if used with a Kanohi) tended to leave a lot of space where the eyes holes are.

The fact that the top of the 04 heads was hollow also made it so that, not only could you switch out eye stocks much easier and have more varying colors, but it allows for you to build off of it to make custom faces, kinda like Sidorak. While the axle slots on the sides of the Glatorian and Av Matoran heads do allow for some customizability, I never had really tried doing that. The Inika heads are nearly unusable and the Mata heads only have a place to put the mask and an area where the neck would attach.

Lastly in terms of general appearance, I enjoy the rather noble expression (Just me that gets that vibe?), with the stoic eyes. The Mata heads are fairly expressive and look somewhat determined, though something about the mouth throws me off. The Inika heads were bland, because of how translucent they were, the Glatorian and Av Matoran heads took away any expression from the face.

A close second for me would definitely be the 15’ heads, as the open eye stalk and holes on the side of the mask allow for more customizability, though also have a very appealing look. My only issues with it are that compatability with older masks doesn’t seem possible and light doesn’t enter the eyestalk all to well.


I have a soft spot for the good ol’ mata head. I like the scowl it has and it comes in several nice colors which makes it great for custom stuff.


Metru heads cannot accept Krana.

Mata heads accept masks with an axle, but they’re loose.


I’ve never tried that.

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my fav is the glatorian heads

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I wish there was an adapter piece that would allow the 2015 head to wear Gen 2 masks.

The perfect head to me would be 2015 head with a head that look like the top half of the Mata head and a smoother jaw.

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I like the metru and Okoto heads the most


If HF did anything right, it was the BA heads. Those things are useful. You cam use them for Mata Masks, Metru masks, Glatorian Helmets, and some 2015 masks.


the mata is the most useful, and as those before me have said, they appear stoic.

I like the style of the tohunga head, but it’s way too chunky and has no room for actual eyes.

Metru head is less useful than the mata head and appears way more derpy.

Never really cared for the inika head or glatorian head at all.

08 head is alright - I guess.

2015 head has a cool function, is less useful than the mata head, and looks cool, but not very stoic.
Kinda has an odd mouth gap too.

What the ultimate head needs;

  • A cross/axle hole in the mouth and head
  • A curved clear upper segment for letting in light and allowing the wearing of Inika masks.
  • Clip on attachment holes on the side of the head to allow G2 masks to fit
  • The ability to switch out eyes
  • A cross/axle hole underneath enabling you to clip on either a balljoint or a balljoint attachment

I don’t think so. The BA heads have a rod connection, while a Mata Mask has a pin connection.

I liked the Metru head. It could move around and the mask stayed put.

The only thing that kills g2 for me is the unmasking function. I don’t hate it, it just makes it really hard to pose with.


Just imagine the “Jaller” series with G2 heads…


Glatorian, it’s simple but efficient


Face it, accidental pun the greatest face of all is…



I’d like a Metru head, but with a lower neck joint.