The Personal Advice Topic

We all got troubles. Personal or otherwise. So I figured it would be a good idea to have a place where we could all talk about them and help each other out. Somewhere to be open and just vent if you need to.

Just remember to stay within the message board rules.

Is it supposed to be advice or advise :thinking:

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My bad. Typo. I’ll fix it.

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Be patient.

There you go.

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Don’t eat the yellow snow.

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Said Frank Zappa.

Dance like you’re in the shower (Just don’t fall down like you do in the shower).

do all of your homework and don’t drift
i devalue myself because i don’t think i’m intelligent i did the exact opposite of what i advised

Don’t be me
If you’ve got an opportunity, think about it, but not too long
Set moral standards and stick to them. Don’t change them every time the wind changes.
Nobody’s perfect which goes with the tip above, as in don’t beat up on yourself when you mess up. EDIT: But don’t just brush it aside when you mess up. WORK to be better.
Don’t get heated over politically correctness, no matter which side you’re on.
Be involved with something. Maybe it’s volunteering at your local daycare, joining a band, or even hanging out with friends on a weekly basis. Just stay occupied regularly!
Don’t stay up till midnight texting, binging, gaming, or doing anything involving a screen (unless you’re at the movies with friends)

Sorry if some of this is too political or whatever


i forgot the good movie quotes…
“i don’t look back darling it distracts from the now” edna mode
“why do we fall? to pick ourselves up”

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Don’t worry about people or situations you can’t control. I can tell you from personal experience that it will eat you alive, from the inside out. Also, always be humble(“pride comes just the fall”), but don’t mistake humbleness for timidness.

Don’t eat fire


Don’t ever worry about, well, anything!

Get multiple opinions/find multiple sources

update: i can hardly muster a sentence for an essay, that’s enough proof that i’m stupid.