The PIXELS Movie

Anyone else excited for this movie? I’m sure it’ll be great.

So discuss,i guess.

I wonder if it was inspired by this short film:

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I’m decently interested in this

Hopefully it isn’t another “video game movie”


It is inspired by that short film.
It’s confirmed.

I doubt that I’ll see it. Seems pretty cheezy.

Fixed title -Not_legomaster

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It’s made by Adam Sandler, right?

Yeah, I’m not going to be too optimistic until I see it.


Its an ‘ok’ concept, but its not enough for a movie.

Futurama already did a much better job at this in ‘Raiders of the Lost Arcade’ which you can view here (starts at 8 minutes in)

Unless they have a twist, though most twists on this concept are predictable, then this film is just going to be a bland popcorn flick with some cool CGI.


No, Pixel is going to suck.

Reason number 1: it has adam sandler
Reason number 2: Sony pictures has a hand in it
Reason number 3: Games like Pacman and centipede are no longer relevant
(super smash bros does not count. It is not a pacman game)
Reason number 4: Video game movies are rarely good.

Now there is a slim chance this movie may be good, but I doubt it given Adam Sandler’s and Sony’s track record for movies.

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Intentionally so, I believe. It’s going for a self-aware sense of humour.

@ChaoticTempleKnight I think it’ll be enjoyably funny, but not much past that.