The Pokemon VGC2015 Competitive play topic

Wow, this is the nerdiest title I have ever written on one of my topics

Anyways, for those select few ultra nerds on these message boards like myself who do competitive pokemon (yes, those of us who watch little digital eggs hatch for hours), this topic is to discuss the current VGC metagame, what's common, what's not, and counters for common threats (like Mega Khan).

wow this post will likely get no traffic

Anyways, something I've been doing has been a utility Volcarona to cripple physical attackers... first of all it gets tailwind, second it gets rage powder. Need I say more...? With flame body rocky helmet max defense it effectively cripples the likes of mega kangaskhan and mega mence almost immediately with a burn. Since VGC 14 and 15 have seen the wrath of khan (kangaskhan) it has helped a lot.

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I have found your life calling



Laughed a wee bit harder than I should have at this....

so uh

I once went to the my Regional Tournament in 2011

...I got destroyed laughing

(Also I probably won't go again unless its close to me)

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On the bright side the tournaments are held online now, so no drives smiley

When I was new and went to the tournament I was utterly wrecked as well... trick room didn't bide well for me xD



Since when?

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Since XY improved the online infrastructure smiley You register through Pokemon global link on the website to reserve a slot, and if you should qualify THEN you travel all expenses paid for and with like paid for time compensation to compete at the championship.

So largely you don't need to go... it's certainly nice. You can just play in your own time for 5 battles a day for the 3 day tournament period (usually friday-sunday) and that's it.

Huh. If I was any good I would enter smile

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