The Pool Cleaner (New Self Moc)

I don’t expect many things to stay the same, as this is just V1. The thing that might change the least is the upper torso arrangement. Also, a Stand will be coming, along with better pictures.

Bio: He earned his title for using his weapon of choice, the pool brush, to cleanse the world of dirty pools and the such. He only asks for $20 a month for cleaning and maintaining pools

C&C welcome, and enjoy!!!


I don’t think 20$ a month is a living wage haha


You don’t live in Texas then.

Either way he seems like the guy that could walk into a McDonalds and get free food.


I like it, but I have a question.
Are you cleaning pools, because you seem to be referencing pool cleaning a lot.
(I care because I’m also cleaning pools)


Wow nice self Moc! you really love your system don’t you.

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You could call him “Skimmer”.


I’m supposed to be cleaning my family’s pool, but I don’t really do it much… heh heh


Thanks everyone!


This is really cool! I don’t know why, but it kind of reminds me of a transformers, but a background character though.

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A neat MOC with a great color scheme! The shaping is really cool, too. He’s a bit lanky, but it works really well for the character.

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While this is overall cool, I think the silver hand is a bit odd. He also may benefit from the white on the back of the legs being swapped out for black, and perhaps more color on the back of his torso.

That’s good. I was worried

Yeah, those were placeholders. I’ve replaced the hand now.


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Tactical Double post


New better pictures, parts swapped for better colors, and a bonus picture of weird exposure!!!


I can’t take him seriously given his lack of any legitimate backstory

But the build, while a tad lackluster in areas (especially ones easy to fix like the waist), it has potential. I look forward to seeing how this progresses.


He shall vanquish all that is evil


yeah, he’s not meant to be a powerful character or anything, just a normal character. I might give him a serious backstory later

yeah, the waist and hips are not my favorite part of the moc.


XD Thanks!

This hurts my eyes.

So bright.


What happened to Nexus? Is he still around?

Yeah, Nexus is still built, but I felt like he didn’t quite fit me, so I built this guy.

Ok. Can’t wait to see the RP, man. Sounds fun.:smiley:

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Looks good. Can he clean my house?