The Predator Franchise

Predator is a series centering around a species known for it's hunting skills.

There's a lot of skinning people and spinal cords. It's a fun movie franchise.

I will leave you with this beautiful image:


when do we get a predator: flood

The original Predator movie is extremely quotable.


I've never seen it, though I've heard it's good.

It's the best meme, but I have to say I prefer Predator 2


I can't wait for the new one

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TBH the only thing I really know about any of these movies is the "GET TO THA CHOPPA!"

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Holy heck that's from Predator?


I honestly can't decide on which I like most; the OG Yautja, Super Predators, or the Predalien Queen from AVP:R.
And yes, I know that last one is technically a Xenomorph (Alien), but it's still awesome and has Yautja DNA, so I'm counting it.

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Predalien is dumb

like honestly I like the head but the body is wayyyy too humanoid for me when it comes to Xenomorphs



When I first saw Alien vs. Predator, I thought that this guy is the alien.

Arnold was great too.

The first movie is great, probably one of the best action movies I've seen and it's so quotable that it's crazy. He other movies aren't as good, but at least they are fun.

Not sure about the upcoming one yet though, it I guess it's probably a bit early to tell anyway. I hope it turns out good though.

To be perfectly fair, she was still growing, and had not yet reached the point of full maturity. Had she done so, she'd have likely been the size of the standard Xenomorph Queens, and her features would've probably become a lot more exaggerated.
Alas, we'll probably never know for sure, however. And of course, you are still entitled to your own opinion.

I doubt it. In Aliens: Genocide, it was mentioned that a Xenomorph will only grow into a Queen if the Chestburster was surrounded by Royal Jelly, or if the facehugger was the variant that could do it (like the one Ripley was implanted with in Alien 3).

I believe the directors said the Predalien was a premature Queen, but I'm unsure if this could be considered a part of the official universe.

Let's assume, for simplicity's sake, that this is a case of the latter.

She was, as she was able to skip the egg and facehugger stages when creating new Xenomorphs. And they fit nicely as part of the Expanded Universes of both franchises... that is, until Prometheus pulled a Disney and potentially retconned it out of existence (since you can't use an ancient Antarctican civilisation as hosts if your species didn't exist until 2093, though there is still some debate as to whether or not The Deacon was a Xenomorph progenitor), along with both films.
So on that front, I'm invoking the Star Wars clause, and saying that it might've been canon at one point, but might not be anymore.

We still don't know if the Deacon was part of the Xenomorph evolutionary timeline.

Also, I doubt that it was the first species member, or at least the only like it. Keep in mind, that the chemical on that installation was in MASS quantity, so it's possible that it had infected other individuals in other places. I think the Deacon is related to the Xenomorph, but I do not believe they are directly part of the same species.