The Prime Database #2: Kelom, The Fiery Comrade

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Here’s episode 2 of The Prime Database! This one focuses on Kelom, who is one of the four members of the Toa Farina. The other 3 members shall come in time, but for now take a look at Kelom, Toa of Fire!

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Character Info:
Name: Kelom
Titles: The Fiery Comrade
Species: Toa
Gender: Male
Creators: Great Beings
Status: Deceased
Role: Warrior
Affiliation: Toa Farina
Kanohi Model: Noble Huna
Kanohi Power: Concealment
Weapons: Dual Heat Swords
Equipment: N/A
Abilities: Elemental Control of Fire
Character Traits: Calm, Fun-Loving, (Slightly) Sarcastic, Friendly
Alignment: Neutral Good
Themes: Halo Wars OST - Spirit of Fire

Photo Gallery:

Thanks for taking a look at Kelom! More of my mocs will be available soon, so stay tuned!

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I am a big fan of the total aesthetic. the orange, red, and silver come together nicely and are complimented with the dual molded swords.

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I need to post this before anyone beats me to the punch I’ll add my thoughts soon

Nice moc not many people use the huna but it works great here.