The Prime Database #5: Viara, The Final Guardian

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Finally, the last memeber and leader of the Toa Farina has arrived. I you haven’t seen the other 3 members, then look no further than the links to previous posts I’ve left up above. Viara by far is the most important member of her team when it comes to the story. Without Viara, none of the events that transpire would’ve gone quite the same.

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Character Info:
Name: Viara
Titles: The Final Guardian
Species: Toa
Gender: Female
Creators: Great Beings
Status: Deceased
Role: Leader, Warrior
Affiliation: Toa Farina, Hunter’s Guild
Kanohi Model: Great Kualsi
Kanohi Power: Teleportation
Weapons: Katana
Equipment: Mapping Device
Abilities: Elemental Control of Plant Life
Character Traits: Caring, Sociable, Easily Worried, Protective, Noble
Alignment: Lawful Good
Themes: Halo 4 OST - Solace

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Thanks for coming to check out Viara! I’m working on my next Moc as we speak so hopefully they should be finished and released quite soon. If you have any comments or questions then leave them in a reply on this post, or on the comments section of the Moc Slideshow. Thanks again!


Wow. I really love it. The torso looks so neat. The only thing that looks a little bit odd for me is the blue parts. I don’t think they really fit the colour scheme. But as I said the MOC looks fantastic.

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The lighting looks a little off to me. I think what I’m seeing are black and dark green parts, but due to the lighting I can’t tell in the main shot (the back shot is a bit more distinct.)

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