the Problems with the Trust Levels and how to fix it

I know this isn’t really a “Ask TTV” more like a “Suggest TTV” but anyways.

me and some of my friends are doing this Project and one of them was about to Update the promotion topic on the Message Boards on it but he couldn’t because he needed to be “Master Level” and so we decided not to do it, and that’s pettey dumd if you ask me and one of my friends, just not leting anyone make or update a new topic in the Promotions and Advertising category without being “Master Level” is kind of weird, Everywhere else you can edit your stuff without a special thing. and we know it’s for in case of bots but they are other ways to deal with bots. and so a another friend in the project angrily made a list of 2 suggestions to fix the trust levels.

  1. let everyone new on the boards be level 1 and 0 would be something you have to “earn” also crack down on banning bots

  2. the Easy fix: warning and / or ban to people who post a ton about it in a small period of time

and that’s basically it, sorry if this is very long, just wanted to share my opinion on this topic and wanting to share our Project. but anyways, that’s all and I hope you have a good day.

So, if they weren’t master than how did they make the post to begin with?

They lost it?

yeah actually, that’s what I’ve heard at least

I would recommend you read through this topic.

We give special privileges to members who are the most active. Because they spend a lot of time here, we offer them the ability to do things other members can not do. What you are suggesting is to essentially take that away. What would you replace it with?

In addition, what you suggest lends itself heavily to people coming here, making a topic to promote something off-site/spam projects, and then leaving. We wish to encourage discussion and activity, and the alternative you suggest defeats that goal.


but locking stuff like Promotions and Advertising categorys isn’t things I don’t want to be for special privileges, me and another friend think it should be for everyone at the start

Being able to advertise here on the boards is a bonus. If you stop being active, then you lose the bonus. I think the system works fine just how it is. If your friend wants to be able to use the bonus again, then they have to work for it.


Essentially this. If your friend had it once, they can get it again.


well I don’t really know what to say now, we just wnated to share our Project here, but a guess TTVMB doesn’t seem worth it at the moment

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And that is perfectly fine if you feel that way. We do appreciate your input, however what you have suggested simply isn’t something we feel is right for the website. We do not have any plans to adjust the system at this time.


one of my friends doesn’t agree, but he respect

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you could always get a master to advertise it for you


I think it makes sense. If there were no such restrictions, literally anyone could pop on, upload some “ads,” and never get on the Message Boards again.

It’s pretty common on here for people to do that. You could easily dm a master

I could post it if you wanted.

I’m not really sure, you would have to be in the team to do so, but maybe I’ll tell you about it on discord