The protector of dark matter, Trama (T-ra-ma)

This is yet another character in my Mistarack time line which i am changing from shadow to dark matter. I wanted to do a moc with painted parts despite it being looked down upon. Please could you ignore the messiness of the painting as art is not my best subject. Depending how well this is received i will do some bigger painted mocs but nothing too extravagant. now on to the moc:

She was the youngest to complete the pilgrimage to become the next protector in the islands mythos. however she did lose her right arm in the process. In the years after she became to teams leader and welcomed the Toa team to Okoto.

Soz for poor quality.


I love that painted Skull Spider mask, it suits purple so well! The simple build works quite well for this guy. Overall great job dude

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The painted mask is pretty nice, but the MOC just doesn’t bring anything new and fresh to the table and the lack of an arm just doesn’t work.

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I agree, what’s with all the no right arm mocs? But, besides that it looks pretty good, but the colour scheme is basic and not really original.

I do agree but i didnt want to do something extravagant as i didnt want to paint too many pieces just to get something rubbish

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You could’ve just used different coloured pieces, like red instead of white. :confused:

K i will take that on board, thanks everyone