The Protectors of Suhnork

After the land of Suhnork lost its greatest warriors to the Makuta, destiny calls for a new wave of heroes, bringing forth the Protectors…

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###Varda, Toa of Metal

Varda is a founding member of the team. Even before becoming a toa, she had already encountered the Makuta’s forces, though now as a toa she swore to protect the people of Suhnork.

With her elemental powers, Varda can meld and reshape metal objects, as well as gather metal particles from her surroundings to create tools and weapons when needed.

Varda bears the Kanohi Taroa, mask of endurance. The Taroa increases the user’s stamina and elemental capacity.

Varda is able to meld her back panels to become weapons and can also create attachments that merge with her armor.

###Voltak, Toa of Lightning

A powerful toa who uncovered the power of the mysterious Ichor gemstone. Voltak gains his power from the red Ichor stone, and can switch between a toa and matoran.

Alongside Varda, Voltak founded the team and made the same oath to defend his fellow matoran.

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####Matoran form

Before discovering the Ichor stone, Voltak lived an unfulfilling life, often in search of work. At some point, he grew fond of fishing, but the hobby eventually faded into obscurity as he traveled to Central Suhnork, a rather dry region, devoided of bodies of water. All that changed when he discovered a little, red gem…

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A Po-matoran with a passion for archeology. Although he isn’t formally a member of the team, Ketu somehow gets tied into the Protectors’ affairs due to his fellowship with Voltak and the other members.

Soon his efforts paid off as he found an extraordinarily large Ichor stone, once thought to be just a luxury.

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###Angi, Toa of Air and Wuruu

Two siblings that seek vengeance against the Makuta. Originally held captive by Vira as test subjects, though they manage to escape. While Angi was luck enough to escape before being tested on, Wuruu wasn’t as fortunate and was mutated as a result of various tests done. After achieving freedom, the two realized that they had become enemies of a powerful organization, and so they did their biding in the shadows.

After a failed attempt at mugging the first two Protectors, they were spared and given a choice to join the team. The two agreed and joined as they saw it as an opportunity to repay the favor to the Makuta, though deep down they wanted a way to do good for a change.

Angi wields a gauntlet equipped with wrist blades and uses a rare and much more valuable blue variant of the Ichor gemstone to switch between toa and matoran, in a similar fashion as Voltak.

Wuruu, other other hand, has become stronger compared to a normal matoran as a result of his mutation, but at the cost of becoming mentally weaker and unable to speak.

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###Tytannos, the Barbaric

A tyrannical serpentine originally sent to conquer Central. Tytannos belongs to a species of tribal serpentines native to the volcanic islands off the Southwest coast of Suhnork. Tytannos was considered to be one of the strongest members out of his entire tribe, and so he was sent to conquer the land occupied by the matoran as his kind viewed the matoran as inferiors.

After reaching the mainland, Tytannos realized that the matoran society was indeed much more advanced than he thought. And soon, he encountered Varda and Voltak, in which he had a change of heart and deemed them not inferior. Questioning everything he ever knew, Tytannos became lost. Out of pity, the Protectors offered him a spot on the team.

Original version:

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They all make up a pretty nice team together, but Varda stands out as easily the best of the gang.

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