The Protectors

Here we have a little project I hinted at a few weeks ago. I drew the Protectors of each tribe! I had a lot of fun doing this and I really hope you guys like it!

Anyways, I decided for these guys I’d take inspiration from different cultures from around the world (Narmoto is Japan, Nilku is Australia, etc.), however, for some characters I had a hard time doing this, specifically Vizuna and Kivoda, so I decided to make them more elemental, like giving Kivoda a breathing apparatus. Also, I was inspired by @cat and their design for Kopaka when I made Izotor, as I really liked how they gave him fur around his arms. Also, I don’t know if you can tell, but he also has a hood. And, for those of you who saw my original art topic from this summer, I used some of the thinks from my Korgot drawing on this.

Anyways, all comments and constructive criticism are welcome and very much appreciated! I hope you guys enjoyed this!


Nilkuu’s rad. He’s got a Scorpion tattoo, lizard skull on his shoulder, and scaly armor on his forearm!

I appreciate the little details on all of their masks too

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I like this style of them

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Nilkuu has a scorpion tattoo. Pohatu probably hates it :stuck_out_tongue:.
Overall I really like them!

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Very nice.

@Rockho Thanks! I honestly wasn’t sure if anyone would pick up on those!

@Middlefingerstudios Thank you!

@Altair I’m really glad you do! Also, yeah, Pohatu probably would.

@Leoxandar Thanks!


Hmm, why does the Protector of Ice have fur on him? Shouldn’t one with cold powers not feel the cold anyway?

They all look neat and have there own charm to them!
I especially like the detail in the neck - I just wish that detail was throughout the whole body, though (then again, there are 6 of them, which would have taken forever to draw!)

@Winterstorm345 It’s fur

@JonBlueFire Thanks! I really wanted them to be unique, so I’m glad you noticed! Also, I tried to carry that detail throughout the whole body on all of them, making them look like armoured machines, and most of the detail is on the torso. The reason I didn’t have as much detail on the arms or legs was because I was trying to get a feel for what other people do with Bionicles, plus with the whole gen 2 and ccbs thing, I decided to make them look sleeker. Anyways, I drew some G1 stuff, and those have a lot more detail

TL,DR; Wanted to have more detail but didn’t. My G1 drawings have more detail.

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Very nice interpretation, very in testing basing them off different cultures

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