The Punished

Hello everyone!

I made this entry for the Duck bricks contest.

Originally I was going to build something much more standard, but I really didn’t want it to blend in with the crowd, so I decided to make something more unique and unorthodox.

My story is that they were Toa that were both killed in the same battle, and were teleported to the Red Star. After being “repaired” they rebuild against the Kestora and were overpowered by they’re numbers, then the Kestora decided to make an example of the too of them, and proceeded to amputate their legs and bolt the two of them together by the waist as punishment.

Now all that’s left is a Toa of stone who has lost all strength and is teetering on the brink of death . . .

and a Toa of fire who’s grit and determination has morphed into madness.

I know it’s supposed to be a halloween contest but I still feel like I went pretty dark. :woozy_face:

And I also have breakdown photos.

I apologize for the poor photos

Thank you for your attention!


Cool idea!

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Thank you!

Bionicle catdog


Wow this moc is pretty gruesome. I’ll say it certainly succeeds in looking like a monstrous fusion of two Toa, nice work. Lore is cool, overall a pretty great job.

Love the concept here, definitely fits the spooky vibe.

I appreciate the comments!

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nice job!
i like this ones athsetic


Really like the idea here :sunglasses::+1:

Thank you everyone!