The Quote Guessing Game Topic

What is the current quote?

From what I can tell, there isn’t one. @King_Ved is the next one to make one.

Oh, I got it correct?

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Drat. I have so many quotes I could put in but I have no idea what most of these are from :stuck_out_tongue:


Can we get a new quote?


“But invader’s blood marches through my veins like giant RADIOACTIVE RUBBER PANTS! The pants command me! Do not ignore my veins!”

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That sounds like a invader Zim quote.

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Yep. Now you give a quote.

“So why? Why aren’t you laughing?”

“Because I’ve heard it before-and I didn’t laugh the first time.”

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That sounds so familiar, but I just can’t place it.

I think you have to wait until we guess @Ninjanicktf quote correctly

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Oh, ok. Do you think it’s better if I delete the post?

EDIT: Never mind.

That sounds like an exchange between Batman and the Joker.

That’s becuase it is. It’s a line from the Killing joke.

Ok you go

Yay. This may be obvious.

“Sword of Omens, give me sight beyond sight!”

Something from bravest warriors or adventure time?

I have seen everysingle chapter of adventure time and I can say it doesn’t belong to it, not sure about bravest warriors tho