The Rahaga's Mission

I am a relatively new fan lore-wise, so I’ve been reading the books for the first time. Some of my favorite characters are the Rahaga. Something about them that I don’t see many people talk about is the significance of their mission after they steal the Mask of Light.

Makuta’s original job was to create and look after the rahi of the universe, but he abandoned that in order to pursue more tyrannical goals. In doing so he cast his body guards, the Toa Hagah, aside, probably thinking that they were not worth much. On top of that, he relied heavily on the Visorak for his army. The Visorak are Rahi, but I get the impression that they are an agressive and invasive species. So Makuta is favoring a single rahi species at the expense of every other, all in the name of conquest.

The Rahaga saw the wrath of the Visorak first hand, so they know what kind of damage they can do. What I love is that the Rahaga decide that if Makuta is going to abandon his duty as protector of the rahi, they’ll do his job and they’ll do it better! The Rahaga then proceed to document every single rahi in existence and rescue a huge number of them!

TLDR: The Rahaga decided that if their old boss Terry was going to be a bad zookeeper, then they would spite him by becoming the best darn zookeepers that ever existed!!


I would definitely agree with that - while many Rahi were designed by a Makuta, the Visorak don’t seem designed to fill a niche in an ecosystem, they seem designed to be a plague.

Specifics aside, I don’t think I’ve ever put much thought into why they worked to save Rahi - I guess I assumed it was more about opposing Roodaka and the Visorak than the Rahi themselves. That said, I think it’s really poetic that they did end up picking up the Makuta’s slack, even if it was unintentional. I’m glad someone pointed it out.


Thank you! I like how you phrased that. Poetic is just the word I was looking for!
I bet that once the tensions on Spherus Magna end the Hagah will run an actual zoo. Maybe to bring things full circle Melding Universe Terry will work for them.

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I like the Rahaga both as characters and in concept. Despite being lackluster sets they certainly are the highlight of 05. Its just too bad that the result of the canon contest moc portion gave us rather lackluster apperances for their toa forms.