The Rahi's Instructions

Here is the sequel to my list of Dark Hunters’ Instructions. The instructions here aren’t mine and I’m unsure of their accuracy.

Metru Mantis
Silver Chute Spider
Furnace Salamander
Archive Mole
Tunnel Stalker
Crystal Climber
Phase Dragon
Razor Whale
Proto Drake
Artakha Bull
Doom Viper
Spiny Stone Ape
Fader Bull (only breakdown photos)
Iron Wolf

Those without instructions/breakdowns
Frost Beetle, Vahki Hunter, Blade Burrower, Catapult Scorpion, Dermis Turtle, and Kanohi Dragon

If you find instructions for these last Rahi or instructions that are more accurate than the ones I listed please tell me so I can update the list.


Great to see you’ve gathered these as well, good job!
Also, make sure to add the Kanohi Dragon into the “No instructions” list.

Glad you could get to these in addition to the Dark Hunters, your work means a lot.

Oh thanks for reminding me about the Kanohi dragon I’ll add him right away.

Someone made a Fader Bull and posted deconstruction photos. They’re not instructions, but it’s the best I could find:

Thanks for telling me about the Fader Bull’s breakdowns I’ll add them in right now.

What’s up with that matoran on the razor whale, is it a broken Kolhii stick in his hand?, great job getting this together!

It’s a whole kohlii staff, it’s just cut off by the top of the picture.

I’ve slightly corrected Spiny Stone Ape’s Studio file using Biopack, so just in case anyone needs it, download here. Still no rubberbands. Maybe I will make a proper instruction out of it one day…

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We have actual instructions for the Spiny Stone Ape thanks to a new entrant in the instructions-making scene!


I look forward to seeing more instructions from him and I’ll be sure to add in any instructions he makes for Bionicle’s canonized models.

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Tlrosborne made instructions for the Iron Wolf as well!

Yowza, that’s an intricate build (With a fair few illegal connections). Good luck to anyone trying to replicate those exact colours.

I love the way it captures the look of “upgraded organic”.

  1. is the yari considered cannon?

  2. can some look into making instructions for it if there aren’t any yet?

I wish it was. But it’s still really cool, over a 1 ft long.

I plan to in the future, but I have other things that I am working at the moment.

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Thanks and take you’re time. Most likely couldn’t even build it if you gave me the instructions right away.

Screw the other canonization contest. we need call up Greg to confirm its canonicity, if he hasn’t already. Because god knows I cant find info about this moc besides the basics.

There’s also this model which won the rahi contest but never got canonized.
But I need to get the Manas first to understand the connection points on the motors, because it apparently can walk.

And these, but I have no idea if a lot of these were part of the rahi contest at all.


that thing looks interesting. I just dont want that one canonized because im going for a 100% cannon collection. I already need like 2 or so manas. I dont want to buy 2 more of the motors. Artakha is already looking like a dia atlas too me.

Otherwise thanks for bringing this to my attention. Now I want that bee to be canon too.

How “canon” or “official” are these instructions? I was checking the Tahtorak and the head build is different from another instruction that is in Brickshelf.

These instructions are all fan made so they won’t accurately make the original model.