The Random BS01 Fanfic Challenge

So here’s the dealio, the challenge is to go to BS01 and press the “Random Page” button ten times. Each time write down the subject of what you wrote down, whether it be a character, object, sport, setting, rahi, etc. Things like entire comics, pages about entire histories and such don’t count and give you an extra press. If you get a repeat you go again. For the most part you should be getting nouns, people, places, and things.

When you’ve got all ten of your subjects, the goal is to write a short story/fanfiction using each one of them. Try to make them as meaningful to the story as possible, but if it works better otherwise that’s up to you. From here on you’re in charge, but you have to use and in the least mention each one of your subjects.

You can try to make your story make sense and be a serious or great literary work, or it could be a comedy and totally nonsensical. The ultimate goal is to have fun, write, and do something with Bionicle! Try to keep them short though, a few pages at the most for the sake of brevity and to keep them fun unless you really think it’s appropriate that it goes on for long. If this leads you to get inspired to write a whole bloody series, knock yourself out. Have fun!

  1. Frost Beetle
  2. Kraahu
  3. (After skipping List of Journey to One Episodes) Rotating Fire Blades
  4. Antidermis
  5. Magnetic Bolt Launcher
  6. (After skipping Cordak disambiguation page and Comic 9: Divided We Fall) Flame Sword
  7. Kumo
  8. Piraka
  9. Bohrok Kaita Ja (Somewhat funny considering the Bohrok Fanclub topic was just talking about this one…)
  10. Vezok

So one day in an alternate universe Metru Nui, a Frost Beetle was trying to break into one of the Knowledge Towers, as often happens. The Vahki were deemed too weak to try and stop it, so the Ko-Metru Vahki Central Hive sent in a Kraahu to try to stop the Rahi. One of the Matoran nearby, strangely for a Ko-Matoran scholar, grabbed the first weapon he saw to try to help. This happened to be the Rotating Fire Blades of Tahu Mistika, which were left lying around in a Knowledge Tower so that the Ko-Matoran could study them and try to learn why Lego made the colossal mistake of putting them on a Tahu set instead of giving him a sword. The Frost Beetle simply knocked the Blades out of the Matoran’s hand and they were sent flying, smashing a vat of Antidermis that happened to be nearby because Teridax agreed to participate in an experiment to study its properties. Teridax, who was sleeping at the time, became very angry and quickly repossessed his armor to kill the Beetle. For no reason in particular, he had brought Jovan’s Magnetic Bolt Launcher with him, but when he fired it, his aim was off and the magnetic power tore a hole in the ground, opening up a passageway all the way beneath the Colosseum to that room where the two Glatorian pilots were sitting. One of them was holding a Flame Sword just like Ackar’s. The Le-Matoran Kumo was there while all of this was happening because he was giving a tour of Metru Nui to the Piraka, who were of course secretly planning to steal some Crystals from the Towers. When they saw the devastation that was taking place, they decided to take advantage of it to try and move on the Crystals, but triggered an alarm system which was somehow the exact frequency to wake up three Bohrok that were in the Archives. They formed a Kaita Ja and defeated both the Frost Beetle and the Piraka, but Vezok escaped.


Anyway, this is a fun idea for a challenge. I may try it.

  1. Laser Harpoon (Hahli Inika’s weapon)
  2. The Toa Cordak (Lesovikk’s team)
  3. Seismic Pickaxe (Avak’s weapon)
  4. Keelerak (Green Visorak, of course)
  5. "Temple of Creation" (Not the official name, a temple on Mata Nui)
  6. Idris (Ga-Matoran bundled with Karzahni)
  7. Underground Lab of the Great Beings That place from Legend Reborn, y’know?)
  8. Zatth (Mask of Summoning, as worn by Kongu Mahri)
  9. Melum (G2 Creature of Ice)
  10. Element Lord of Ice (Ice lord guy from Spherus Magna,)

I haven’t written a BIONICLE fan fic since I was about seven, so this will go spectacularly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright, so, y’know that Keelerak from Web of Shadows who cleans the floor?

Yeah, him. That very Keelerak (We’ll call him Steve) was cleaning the floor and such, when all of a sudden, Melum ran in, and spilled his coffee all over the floor. “Huh.” Said Steve, who can definitely talk. “Since when have we had CCBS in Metru Nui?” Melum scurried away as a portal to Mahri Nui opened up behind him, flooding Steve’s working space. Steve was very alarmed, especially when Idris, wielding a laser harpoon, leaped through the portal. Gosh oh gee!" Said Idris. I sure do love this portal-opening laser harpoon. “Huh.” said Steve, who can definitely speak underwater. “How can that laser harpoon do that?” “Because I’m not a laser harpoon!” Said the laser harpoon, who promptly transformed into the Element Lord of Ice. He drained the flooded area by opening a portal to the Underground Lab of the Great Beings and letting all of the water leak out. “There.” He said. “All better.” Idris ran away, so the Element Lord of Ice threw a Seismic Pickaxe at her, which disassembled her into however many pieces she is. “Huh.” said Steve for the third time so far, "That is not a laser harpoon. “Nah.” Said the Element Lord of Ice. “Sometimes I just become inanimate objects. Lost a bet with Teridax.” “That doesn’t explain how you can open portals.” Said Steve, but it was too late. The Element Lord of Ice was now a Kanohi Zatth. Steve put it on, because Visorak can definitely wear Kanohi, but instead of summoning a Rahi or something, it summoned the Toa Cordak, and by that I mean it summoned Lesovikk, 'cause all his friends are dead. Before Lesovikk could ask any questions, he slipped in Melum’s coffee, broke all of his lime joints, and died. The Zatth transformed back into the Element Lord of Ice, who accidentally opened a portal to the Temple of Creation. Everyone and everything fell into the portal except for Steve, who was able to resume cleaning before Sidorak and Vakama passed by.

The end.

That was actually a lot of fun. I don’t know just how much it would mess with the canon, but I tried to tie it into Web of Shadows at the end there, and it’s the thought that counts. :stuck_out_tongue:


Bohrok Swarms Promo CD
Comic 20: Struggle in the Sky
Staff of Command
Raid of Destral Fortress
Mask of Mutation

The caverns of Onu-Metru are often found to be crisp and dark, being a habitat for wild rahi and mysterious being alike.

“We should go down into the abandoned archives,” Kapura said to his Onu-Matoran friend.
Aiyetoro rolled his eyes. “Please, I know what danger pose in there. Plus, we’re not supposed to go back into the Great Spirit Robot. You heard what Vakama said.”
“Yes, I know Vakama is wise. He even taught me my teleportation ability. Still, Toa Tahu told me he’d go with us to find this missing mask.”
“Which one is it?”
“The Krana-Kal. Tahu had learned that Ko-Matoran wanted to study some of the Krana, to learn more of their properties. They have a deep interest in the Krana-Kal masks.”
Aiyetoro sighed. “Fine. We’ll go. But I hope we don’t come into any danger.”
Kapura shook his head. “We should be fine.”

The next day, the two Matoran and Tahu, in his golden armor, traveled into the head of Metru Nui. It had been around 100 years since the disappearance of Mata Nui. Tahu and his other Toa friends had parted ways to partake in other missions. The Toa of Fire grunted along with the Matoran as they pushed through much rubble to find the entrance to Metru Nui.

“This is some -urgh- tough work,” Kapura grunted.

Tahu, with ease, picks up heavy rocks and tosses them to the side. Aiyetoro, with a shovel and pickax, digs through the gravel and sediment. After a few hours of hard work, the trio finds an entrance into Metru Nui.

“It’s Ga-Metru, but it should work,” Tahu said.

They peaked into their former island home. It was dark, and many of the glorious buildings were destroyed. Rahi could be found running silently and stealthily over the ruins of the temples and former schools. Tahu grabbed his fellow Matoran.

“And now, down we go!”

Tahu jumps off the ledge they used to get to Ga-Metru. The artificial gravity is still functioning inside the head. The Matoran and Tahu splash into the water, surrounded by a bubble filled with air. Then, Tahu starts to run, allowing the shield to project him forward.

The trio shortly come onto land in Ga-Metru. Tahu looks side to side, and then spots a cracked map of Metru Nui. He walks toward it and picks it up.

“Well, it’s gonna be a long walk, Matoran,” Tahu mentions, “But we’ll get there, in time.”

Just then, Tahu sense something coming from behind. He ignites his flame sword and turns around. Something jumps toward the Toa of Fire, but it misses with it’s mighty leap as Tahu dodges the attack. Then, he ignites the sword and burns the attacker. The attacker turns it’s head around 180 degrees.

“Wha-?” Tahu cried, before being shot by a Kanoka Disk.
Tahu’s body freezes in place. Kapura is shivering.
“What is that thing, Aiyetoro?”
Aiyetoro tries to remember, but he is fearful. Finally, words sputter out. “It’s a Vahki!”

The Vahki turns it’s head back around, and tries to fire a shot at Kapura, but Kapura flashes away. Then, the Ta-Matoran jumps upon the Vakhi, and holds back the head. The Vahki points it’s Staffs of Command up, but it’s arms aren’t flexible enough to reach.
“Aiyetoro! Help!” Kapura exclaims.

Aiyetoro’s feet dash in the rubble, leaving behind a cloud of dirt. He takes his pickax and stabs it’s sharp end into the Vahki’s head. The Vahki turns off, and crumbles to the ground. Kapura and Aiyetoro start to breath hard.

“That was close,” Kapura gasped.

Meanwhile, Tahu’s face poked out of the ice he had been surrounded in. Enraged, he ignites his fire sword and melts the ice.

“What was that?!” Tahu yelled.

“A Vahki,” Aiyetoro stated. “Those robot things Turaga Whenua once told me about. Dunno why this one was still functioning.”

Tahu’s eyes scanned the ruins. “Someone is still here, lurking in the shadows.”

To be continued…


I’m pretty sure you could’ve gotten away with swapping those two out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great work on the story!

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Trust me, they’ll become relevant later.

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Omg these are great, I’m so looking forward to seeing more of these. I’ll try making one later when I get the time, but for now I’m just glad I made this topic.

  1. Kratana
  2. The Makuta Challenge
  3. Pouks
  4. Bohrok Swarms Promo CD
  5. Staff of Disintegration
  6. Zatth
  7. Rahkshi Kaita
  8. BIONICLE Legends 7: Prisoners of the Pit
  9. Rhotuka Launching Shield.
  10. Raid on Artahka

On day, Toa Pouks was sitting on his Rhotuka Shield, simultaneously beginning an entry for the Makuta Challenge, reading Prisoners of the Pit, and listening to the Bohrok Promo CD.
“What a wonderful life I have,” He said in a singsong voice.
All of a sudden, a Rahkshi Kaita jumped out of his book, whereing a Kanohi Zatth.
“Oh my word!” Pouks cried in a British butlers voice. He grabbed his shield and swatted at it, as it’s staff of Disintegration disintegrated the Makuta build he had been working so hard to complete. Let us have a moment of silence for Pouks’ Makuta.
The Rahkshi’s Zatth glowed and suddenly a Kratana appeared, and jumped on Pouks’ face. It gave him a premonition of the Raid on Artahka. There, Pouks saw a living version of his Makuta running away with the Avohkii, before he was promptly blown up.
So, Pouks took off the mask, and had a funeral for his Makuta, with the Rahkshi Kaita providing a tear-jerking eulogy. Pouks and the Kaita became friends after that, and had British butler tea everyday.


Makani the Le-Matoran
Hordika Whenua’s Thumpers
Nathan Furst
The Awakening
Battle of Roxtus
Nuhvok-Kal’s Gravity shield
The Builder of the Toa Canisters
Sub-Zero Spear of Toa Kualus
The City of Atero

It was a beautiful and sunny day in an alternate universe Le-Koro. The leaves were rustling as a flock of Gukkos flew over Makani as he and a few other Le-Matoran was preparing a special concert to honor the Turaga and ancient matoran who allegedly had built the canisters in which the Toa had arrived
Makani turned his head to see what was causing the rustling. Suddenly out of the bushes jumped a tall, brown warrior with sharp, large teeth, wielding a shield and a spear. Around the shield the leaves appeared to be hanging upside down, and the spear was covered in frost, even tough the sun was shining very bright and warm today. In a moment of shock Makani grabbed the closest thing to him to defend himself with. It appeared to be some sort of drill the Onu-Matoran escorting Turaga Whenua had brought with them.
As Makani tried to figure out how to use the strange instrument, the spiky warrior grabbed him in his arms and started carrying him away from the concert area. Suddenly, Makani saw a bright light and him and the ugly warrior were in some sort of large room.
In the room there was standing a cloaked figure. The figure’s face, if it had one, was concealed by a hood. The figure thanked the warrior and again, a bright light - and the warrior was gone. As the Hooded figure started talking, Makani could sense great power resonating from it. The being explained to Makani, that he was one of the Great Beings, the ones who had created the Matoran and their universe.
Since Makani didn’t believe him, the Great Being projected a vision in the Le-Matoran musician’s head, one of the Great Beings, apparently called Velika, was giving the Matoran their ability to think. The now convinced Makani asked for more amazing sights to see. At first the Great Being was against the idea, but then agreed to show the Matoran Beings that looked like Toa, but weren’t, driving away from a city on a cliff in a desert to save their allies in a large battle in an area apparently called Roxtus.
After the mindblowing visions Makani asked the Great Being why he, a mere weak Matoran musician would get to know all of this knowledge even the Turaga didn’t. The Great being’s answer was simple:
-I thought it would be nice to have a commoner to get this needed information as opposed to a Turaga or Toa this once. As for the musician part, I am a musician myself too.
Makani replied:
-Thank you, mister Great Being!
-Oh, you can call me by my name, It’s Nathan Furst.