The Raven

This week our English teacher introduced us to “The Raven”, one of Edgar Allan Poe’s most famous Gothic horror poems. The prof went on and on about how The Raven is studied in almost every school in North America, how every kid who’s been through public school knows it. So, fellow Boardians, have you heard of this famous piece of literature?

Here’s an audio version, narrated by Sir Christopher Lee. :smiley:


I haven’t actually heard it, but I have heard a Christmas version.

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Christopher Lee reading this? Score!

It’s a shame he’s dead now…


Yea in my English class we are reading one of Poe’s famous stories such as, Mask of Amontillado, Tale of Tell Tale Heart, and the Mask of Red Death.


I love Poe’s work. It’s all quite fantastic. :smile:

The ‘Tell-Tale Heart’ is my favourite of Poe’s works, it’s that opening line, mayn: “TRUE! – nervous – very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am; but why will you say that I am mad?” (It’s actually my tagline on G+ :stuck_out_tongue:).

Though I think ‘The Raven’ comes in a close second :smile:.


I love Raven!

no but seriously i’ve read the poem at some point. it’s very POE-tic


i don’t think we’ve specifically studied the raven in school, but we have looked at other stuff by poe (the pit and the pendilum, the fall of the house of usher). i’ve loved poe since i was little, because my dad brought me up listening to a band called alan parson’s project. they did an entire record of songs based off poe things. it’s called ‘tales of mystery and imagination’ for anyone interested.

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Screwed up just like you expect from Poe.

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