The Real Reason Kahi Was Fired (megaofficial)

The only option that is always open to us it to learn.
I'm still upset, but in any case, thank you for being candid and open.
I hope we can soon return to playing with Bionicle and other Legos.


That's not true at all.

The Lime Joint group allowed him to tell his side of the story and admit or refute the allegations, and also gave him an opportunity to apologize (Though they wound up having to almost force him to, they gave him the opportunity). They were harsh, sure, but not unfair.

There's some debate as to whether they were right to confront him about it. I can't say for sure myself, but they handled it as well as they possibly could.



I agre for the most part, but they could have toned down some of the petty name calling.


What else could they do in that situation? In some cases, it was obvious that he wasn't understanding the full weight of what he did, which was why they had to basically force him to apologize, and they got him there through name calling, which is an effective tactic when going up against a known egomaniac.

Exactly. They called him out on his osik, like the minuet detail comment, and got him to confess to 99% of what he did. What he did was plain wrong, and if calling him names was the only way to get him to feel anything about what he did, then so be it. If calling him a short little cretin makes him reevaluate himself and make sure to get more help than he's already getting, let's rattle off some more. I hope he gets help, because there are redeeming factors to his personality, but in order to do that, he needs to know he's got problems.


How does insulting someone tell them why what they did was wrong?


True, but I believe it could've been handled better.

While I agree that this was a way for them to let him tell his side of the story, they could've done better than hurtling insults and cutting him off several times. I don't care what you've done. Insulting them incessantly never helps anyone.

I'm not saying Kahi should've have been called out. What he did was incredibly wrong and actually revolting. But I'm saying that they didn't need to sit and insult him and cut him off while he was talking.


God, this is like the "Change the Channel" stuff that happend not so long ago.

Atleast this one ended much happier compared to that debacle. With the bad egg getting fired because of their actions, instead of everyone else leaving.

But to be fair, the stuff that was revealed in"Change the Channel", is MUCH worse than what happend here.


Cleared a little bit due to moving a tad off-topic, however I suppose I'll chim in briefly.

I approve of how The Lime Joint handled this. Sometimes, people need to be knocked down to truly realize how bad they have affected those around them. I believe that is what Kahi needed, and he needs to take this opportunity to reflect and get help.

There are a hundred more things I could say, trust me. However, for right now, I am going to refrain.



On a personal level, I don't take any enjoyment out of watching someone get called out publicly like Kahi did, however it was necessary. There was talk of Kahi trying to reach out and join the community again, and I firmly believe that if that had come to pass and Prpl/Phweff hadn't shared what they did with TLJ, the abuses would've continued.

Kahi and I never got along personally, but that's because I have an incredibly hard time dealing with Sociopaths. If you can't take the blame for your actions unless there's a public inquiry/shaming occurring, then yeah, shame away.



Jon is known for talking on and on and on and rambling. Even the other cast members sometimes had to tell him to be quiet so others could talk. The Lime Joint people were simply less polite about it.



Alright... I watched the interview, once I’d gotten over my disgust. I think it was very very important for several reasons, first that he does confirm what happened in the documents. The other thing it did, which is almost more important imo, was to put his character out into the open. When confronted with this document, all he did was try to save face and offer pathetic “justifications” of his actions. It’s clear he only regrets these things because of the damage to his reputation, and especially near the end of the interview, all he did was try to tell people what he thought they wanted to hear. Which didn't work btw. It’s clear he has not learned from this and that he doesn’t feel any personal remorse specifically towards the people affected. Not once did he seem like he genuinely understood how hurt Prpl/Phweffie were by his actions. Now as for accusations that TLJ was somehow “unfair”, I don’t think the personal insults made up much of the substance of the interview at all. And they didn’t come out of nowhere, it was a response to the growing frustration they had, as the interview progressed, of the pure unadulterated BS coming out of his mouth. Same with the interruptions, they could tell when he was gonna try pulling something out of his ■■■ to “justify” himself and they just cut it off because it would not have contributed anything substantiative. And he kept rambling and rambling. I don’t think they were necessarily attacking him, just defending against his BS.
In closing such public shaming isn’t something I normally am on board with but given his egregious behavior and the fact that I think the Lime Joint did initially give him plenty of space and time to redeem himself even a little, all he did was try to save face and make a complete fool of himself, so this is entirely on him.
Anyway this is probably too long and I should probably let go of this lmao


Didn’t even read the document or the video cuz of how disgusting everyone was saying it was and a stuff, but from the comments, I can tell it was bad. I never got into the podcasts or anything for reasons like this. I’m sure the rest of y’all are awesome and stuff but I hate the drama and stuff. I think it’s ridiculous how similar online communities and tabloids are these days


Hey y'all, I'm Diggy and I run The Lime Joint and put together this whole deal. I'm just here to clarify some things regarding why and how we did this.

I've known the reason Kahi got fired for a while, but I refrained from calling him out due to respect to those he had wronged. In situations like these, they should have complete and total power over how the information comes to light. I'm not gonna lie, after he disappeared for weeks, I was pretty over the whole thing. From the second he got fired I knew I wanted to interview him, even before I knew what he'd done (bear in mind I didn't know the details).
After some time, I noticed him trying to wiggle his way back into Twitter and the BCC server; particularly a tweet about how he "peer pressured" Kevin Hinkle into buying an $800 Lego set put this thing into motion. A lot of people around me saw this as manipulation, and knowing what I knew, I could tell his behavior wasn't going to change.

Like I said, I didn't know the details. I never intended to find out the whole story, actually. I contacted prpl and asked her if it was okay with her if I confronted him with harassment allegations. This ended up being a conversation that sprawled many hours and topics, and I ended up getting the full story. I asked her many times for permission to include points she brought up about him; I had full permission to write the dossier, and I censored/did not include anything that didn't include specifically Kahi's treatment of prpl.
Phweffie's statement I didn't get until we actually begun the livestream, which caught me off guard. It was still important and it was very courageous of her to stand up for what's right.

Why confront him to begin with and not just release the document?
We specifically chose a livestream format as we did not want him to be able to back out, or give him preparation time to prepare lies, or give way to the possibility of us editing the footage to make him seem bad.

As to us insulting him and being unprofessional... I do agree, to a certain extent. Going into the show, I did not want to attack him personally, I wanted the facts to do all the talking. It was no secret that The Lime Joint as a whole, that is to say my co-hosts and I, have had an extreme disliking of Kahi.

From what I've talked to with other TTV crew members, Kahi is an extremely narcissistic person. Even during that interview, he thought that he was in control of the situation. He tried justifying and "giving context" to questions and accusations that were a simple "yes or no" answer.
As the interview went on, we all picked up that he was distinctly trying to deflect, shift blame, and generally did not get why what he did was wrong. We all felt like he wasn't upset because what he did was wrong, he was upset because he got caught. He did not want to atone for his actions, he just wanted to get it out of the way. We all believe to this day that the only reason he confirmed all the accusations so enthusiastically is so he would stop being pressed about it. We started cutting him off because he tried not to give us any space to talk, and because he would try to deflect the point of the original question.

I'd like to stress that Kahi genuinely did not seem to get why we pressed on some issues hard. Getting him to even apologize for his actions was a herculean task, not to mention trying to make him understand why his actions were horrifying.

It's also very important to note personal involvement from part of the hosts. All of us have either had personal experience being harassed in a similar manner, or had someone dear to our hearts that this happened to. In our eyes, he was less than dirt due to our past experiences with people like him.

Lastly, we aren't a professional show, by any means. There are moments where we poke fun at him for reasons unrelated to his horrific behaviors towards his co-hosts, no, his friends. The Lime Joint is a podcast deeply steeped in dark humor, and we often playfully make fun of both our hosts and our guests. Might not have been the best idea to do this on this specific episode, but it's how we usually roll, not to mention that the first half of the interview is supposed to be like our regular episodes.

I'd like to end this by saying that we did this for prpl and Phweffie. We did this so it's clear that the Bionicle community does not tolerate this. I can not imagine what it would feel like for them to see him alive and kicking in other communities like if he did nothing wrong. It was immensely brave of them to come forward with their stories, and everything we did, we did thinking of them. Like I said, all of us have been affected by similar people in way or another. I recall prpl saying "Rip him to shreds" after our conversation was over.

In the end, I'm content knowing that both of them found closure in our interview. I know some don't agree with how we handled the situation, that we were disrespectful. I'd just ask, was Kahi respectful of their well-being when he did all the things he did?

This interview was not for me or my show, it was for the community, and most importantly, it was for the people Kahi wronged.


And that you did, fine sir!

I finally worked up the courage to listen to the full interview, and my goodness that was something. You can literally hear the growing panic and utter confusion in Jon's responses as the allegations and telling-it-as-it-is moments increased.

Now look, I'm normally not one to condone going out of one's way to insult another person, even if they've done something wrong. But in this instance, with a clueless person like Jon to how horrible the things he's done are, I think this was warranted.

I've had experiences with a person in my friend group (not nearly as serious as this, mostly just being an all-around annoying and rude person) who was just as defensive, manipulative, and clueless as Jon was in that interview, and it was all the things we've ever wanted to drill into him. Sometimes it takes a little burning for someone like that to get the message.

I really wasn't looking to say much on this. I didn't listen to the podcasts very much, and I never liked Kahi to begin with, but I absolutely have to commend prpl, Phweffie, and you, @Diggy for having the courage to come forth with the information and to confront Jon about it.

Cheers, everyone!


Very well put; I applaud the way the whole thing was conducted and feel it was very necessary to have happen. I can't thank TLJ enough for the role they played.

My thoughts on the matter... I feel like this is one of those situations where I could start talking and start venting everything I feel about the situation... and then find it very difficult to stop. That being said, I'll try to keep this brief-ish.

Every time I reflect on the last year and a half or so, I just get angrier and angrier with how everything went down and how I failed to recognize the signs. I know life doesn't work that way, and that dwelling on the "what could've been" won't really get me anywhere, but I can't shake that feeling of responsibility and intense anger at the entire situation. The people in TTV mean the world to me, I consider them all my family, and knowing that Prpl and Phweff were affected so strongly by this person makes me sick to my stomach.

It goes beyond that, though. What happened to them was incredibly horrible, but the ripple effect of his actions spread so wide throughout the group and how the entire community perceives us. His influence, his mannerisms, his attitude, his actions... they've caused incredible damage to people in the group mentally and emotionally, dealt blows to our relationships with each other personally, and negatively impacted how the BIONICLE community views us. His influence was a rot at the very core of our group that spread unchecked and desperately needed to be cut out far earlier.

His actions of sexual harassment and generally causing discomfort on a massive scale are beyond disgusting... but there's just so much in total to digest in addition to all that, I feel at a loss for how to process it all. To think that I would feel such intense disgust towards someone I once wanted to consider a friend is honestly enraging, and I really hope something like this never happens again. I don't like my faith in people to be damaged; I like to think the best of them, typically.

The only silver lining is that everybody in TTV has stronger relationships now, I hope. We may not be putting out as many videos as we used to, but I honestly feel like group morale has never been higher. Just interacting with each other feels so much more... pure, I guess? Without this negative weight that we didn't realize was there, it's like our group got a new lease on life.

How this all went down makes me incredibly sad, and the people who got negatively impacted (Eljay, Phweff, Prpl) didn't deserve all of this. I wish we had realized how far the manipulation spread and that he had been removed far earlier, yet I can't say at all I'm displeased with how things have turned out in the end, once all the dust has settled. Life is a complex, winding road, and every decision taken informs how you interact with people and the lessons you learn from your experiences. Hopefully everyone involved, directly or tangentially, learns something from this situation.

I can only hope that Kahi changes his ways and becomes a better person for the sake of anyone he interacts with, and I do hope he improves himself and fixes his issues... far away from the BIONICLE community. As far as we're concerned, I hope we continue to heal from the last year and a half and get back to focusing on providing entertaining content for all of you guys so you're not constantly subjected to all this drama and upheaval.



So is this sort of stuff normal for y’all? Like “interrogating” and stuff?

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I wonder how many people have dropped the "team kahi" badge title...


I actually was going to say in that thread that I bet well have a bunch more team eljay fans lol.


Aw, man. When I heard of everything that had gone down with firings and rehirings and Prpl leaving but then coming back, I had guessed that something along these lines had happened, but at the time I really hoped that I was reading too much into the situation.

If there is a bright side to this, it's that Jon is being held accountable for his actions and the cast members seems to be moving in a positive direction as friends and content creators.


Not really, no. (Unless you count the episode where we asked Meso a bunch of questions about behind the scenes stuff at the channel.)
This was the first and most likely only time we do something like this.