the reason mata-nui was so boring

recently I watched the legend reborn again and thought that mata-nui was boring like everyone else does. that’s when I realized that mata-nui is nearly almost what the matoran where supposed to be if velika never gave them free will. through the movie we see him do thing that the great beings would do. go to the strongest and most honorable warrior (akar), try to stop a war and unit the tribes. also why would velika give free will to mata-nui. if he gave it to mata-nui he could do what makuta was going to do. also if you are wondering why he felt affection, it is probably something to do with his body hitting aqua-magma or the this is my theory,


I mean, he seemed pretty conscious and self aware to me.
I think he was boring because he pretty much just had the pure hearted but naive hero trope going on.
There was nothing to his character other than that and honestly why would there be, he never had any interactions with the beings inside of him other than what he was programmed to know and he spent a long time asleep.
When he finally woke up he was like a child. He needed to learn and grow, honestly if things had kept going I do think that his character would have changed and become more interesting, he just never had the chance.


how is he boring


I always liked Mata Nui’s character in 2009-2010, actually. He’s a former god who’s lost everything, and now he’s on a quest to save the world he’s been banished from. All the while, he’s in a new society where nobody truly understands him, and they find him very mysterious-especially because he always seems to draw comparisons to his own world (e. g. Toa vs. Glatorian). Meanwhile, Mata Nui has to learn the value of friendship and teamwork. I really like the quote that goes something like “I have been called many titles, but ‘friend’ is not one of them.” It really shows how deep his character really is.