The Reboot and Remake Topic

Let’s face it; Reboots and Remakes have blasted through media in the last fifteen years. From Charlie Brown to Charlie Bucket, almost anything remotely popular from the past has received the Remake Treatment.

What is your opinion on these types of Movies? What Reboot do you want to see?


I want a Bionicle reboot.
oh wait.


From all the ones I’ve seen, particularly Fan4stick and The Day the Earth Stood Still, I’ve had a personal distaste for them. My main issue being that they usually ruin the characters by giving them wooden dialogue and personalities that at times fail to capture what the characters like able in the original films.

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My dreams will soon come true.


I would love to see the Bay-Formers to be 100% rebooted/remade with more Autobots, more Decepticons, different humans/no humans, better actors, good plot, no Bay-splosions, consistency, NO Michael Bay and please no ugly-bots.


I really like a lot of reboots. Most of the ones others may dislike, I like. :smile:


Generally they can be bad, but if they are they can be cast aside unlike a continuation.

Go away, Woolie. Don’t you have to steal some pies or something.

I want a Mazinger reboot so I don’t have to watch 1970s anime quality


Just look at the story of Cinderella (Pepeljuga). From an old Slavic / Serbian childrens tale to a Multi-million Disney Trademark. Sure a lot of the story details have changed for the times, but the core things of the story stayed the same and if they story is still told than rebooting or remaking the story isnt all that bad.


Some bad remakes are actually very good. This is because they are so horrible and cringey that the audience will begin to enjoy the first original movies. To name a few, Terminator reboot, Poltergeist remake, Point Break remake, Die Hard reboot, the Mummy remake, RoboCop remake, Fant4stic remake, Carrie remake, Magnificent Seven remake, Ben-Hur remake, Mulan remake, Sleeping Beauty remake, Beauty and the Beast remake, Jungle Book remake, Vacation reboot…

[quote=“Psychic, post:10, topic:13510, full:true”]
Some bad remakes are actually very good. [/quote]

Turning people towards the original doesn’t make the movie “very good”.

Except that was neither horrible nor cringey.

And several of the films you listed haven’t even been released yet.


You know what, I’m actually surprised that Jaws hasn’t gotten a reboot yet. I mean, the original movie is great even today and I believe a reboot would probably be like your average shark movie with bad special effects. But still… you’d think they would have already capitalized on that franchise.

not a reboot, but I at least like to see this become a 13 episode series []

I disagree. I liked Mazinger (and most 70’s mecha anime) for the dated animation. It gives it a gritty feeling to it that is hard to put in words but to me is befitting for 60 foot tall battling robots fighting it out.