The Red Jaguar

This is for @Ghosty’s Mech race Contest, and it actually took me more than a couple hours! It’s equipped with transforming feet that ■■■■■ between walking and skating, Turbo engines on the back, and a light rocket launcher on top to ward away harmful opponents. So, onto the Moc

Excuse the stand, it would have fallen without it

Variant of the engines. Which one do you like more?

Give me back my Red Pieces, and my tire!

Critique wanted.
Hope You Enjoy!!!


There’s something off with the feet, but great otherwise.

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The feet fold up to allow the tires to roll, otherwise the tires don’t roll. However I’ll admit that the Walking feet look OK, but the folded feet look bulky.

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The most creative design I’ve seen yet!
It’s like a spaceship took Umbra’s legs.

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This is pretty cool, I love the shaping on this!

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first one


Optimus needs his tires. Make the Primes great again.


Thanks guys!

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it kinda reminds me of the AT-XT walker, pretty cool

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If you got half a jet

and gave it 2 unicycles

you would get this

so basically this is really good

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Thanks guys!

The Original will probably stay the same.

tis a bum sry

good photography in photo # 2

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This is really creative dude! Good job!

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