The Red Jungle-Flyer

Today I present you: the Red Jungle-Flyer. This alien creature lives on alarge jungle planet with a thick atmospere. It eats by sucking the fluids out of plants with it’s fangs. It quickly flys from plant to plant using the extensions on its legs.






Oh, and some alien hunter decided to kill such a creature and to make an oversized sword out of it. The guy holding the sword isn’t the hunter. His name is Mete.

I hope you like my MOC! Please leave (constructive) criticism and advise below!


Well thats incredibly unique, I like it!

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Thank you!

This really reminds me of the Bullsquid from Half life


Ya, I can see the conection.

That alien hunter looks familiar.

I like how inspired and unique the overall appearance of the creature is.

It’s very unique, I like it.

Really unique look. Awesome.

@Zero: No, he isn’t the hunter, he displays the sword someone else made.
@Stoax: Thank you!
@Hutere: Thanks!
@AdamusTheFirst: Thanks alot.

Love the hunter and the creature’s mouth.

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Thank you. But he isn’t a the hunter, he is anoter MOC a made, called Mete.

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The Mixel eyes kinda ruin it for me :stuck_out_tongue:

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