The Red Star and New Toa on Sepherus Magna?

Might the Red Star continue to make Matoran into new Toa on Sepherus Magna? What triggers that? Was the Toa Inika being charged with lightning intentional or an error?


From what I can gather from BS01, the additional lightning powers are intentionally Red Star exclusive, due to their unnatural transformation, and the process is automatically activated in dire situations where Toa are otherwise absent.
As far as the second question is concerned, however, while it is certainly capable of transforming Matoran into Toa outside of the GSR, this also seems to have been designed as a failsafe in case events around/within the MU took a turn for the worse. Given the fact that Spherus Magna was reformed, which was originally its intended purpose, and that it was damaged beyond repair by Mata Nui and is currently being dismantled, it’s sort of doubtful that a repeat of the Inika would likely ever occur again.

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No, I doubt that will occur.