The Relationship Topic

Relationships are confusing and so are people. Reasons:
1) Rejection
2) already in relationship
3) Shyness
Tell me what kind of girl or guy you are interested in and why and anything related to this.


Changed the title just in case for the girls.


A Vulcan one.



Simply put, I'm not. That's not to say that I'm not mature enough physically, as I am, but the entire concept isn't terribly appealing. I'm certainly happy to have friends of both genders, but as for having a family, or even just a relationship, I find it rather... Shallow?

It's as though everyone around me is so overtly fascinated by the idea of having a lover, despite the fact that they clearly aren't old enough to support a family and/or would be throwing away any opportunity for exploring the outside world. That, for one, turns me off.

Aside from just the social aspect of it, I'm personally just not interested. There are many more aspects of life that I'd rather enjoy than procreation or even a relationship that doesn't get quite that far.

So... None?


@Garnira Welcome to the singles club! sunglasses
@RECspiriah are you a girl?
@RECspiriah Cool. I am not a boy or girl. My secret identity must be kept secret! stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye
If anyone wants to know, and probably NOT lol, my love life is as complicated as the BIONICLE storyline from 2001 to 2010.
@Helryx08 I will close this topic then if it doesn't follow the rules. Should I do it now?
@noob1234 I wished I had a GF. Was a ladies man back in High School. But didn't pay attention to the girls because of school and sports. FOREVER ALONE...
@Garnira I know how you feel. To me, girls are as complex as building Axalara T9 without the instructions.


I am a female.

Just kidding I'm male.


Pretty sure this topic doesn't fit the rules (there was something kinda like this before).

Just a warning @LGNui ; I wouldn't be surprised if this gets closed.


I thought so. /inside joke

This isn't to belittle you or to discount your argument; I see many, many MANY shallow relationships out there. (Too many.) I see why this would turn people off, and frankly I respect that.
But IMO relationships shouldn't be about... Well, what people have made them to be. You should be able to explore the outside world with your significant other.
Having been in a relationship with a wonderful girl... Well, woman now, for the past 2 and a half years, I can say I wouldn't change anything about her. I mean, not only is she physically attractive, but also listens and understands me and I'm able to reciprocate that. Plus we find a lot of fun things to do together. So I guess if I was to say what's "ideal," it's someone who's really open to things, really trusting and patient and caring, and who isn't... Well.. Uptight. Is game to go do whatever and have fun with a lot of things. I hesitate to say "chill" or "cool", but I can't think of another word. So, I guess like a best friend, but with more than that.
what can I say, I'm a hopeless romantic

EDIT: @Helryx08 I don't see anything in the rules about that... Might you be referring to the infamous "Talking to Women" topic? That was closed for entirely different reasons.


I wouldn't jump the gun. The other topic ran for a while; in fact, I'm pretty sure the main reason it was closed was because the discussion went a little off-topic.

I was just trying to give you a warning.

Mods? What's your opinion on this topic?


I have the unpopular opinion, and I've been made quite aware of that. In fact, I have the unpopular opinion on many things. But that's my opinion on what applies to me personally.

I'm all for expressing yourself and enjoying what you personally enjoy. I'm not saying other people shouldn't have relationships; perhaps that's central to their lives. It simply isn't to mine, and given the circumstances, I'm not particularly obliged to make it.

@RECspiriah I don't even...


@LGNui you don't have to edit your post like that after people have posted after you :/

And I was not, never have been a "ladies' man." (Honestly that's overrated. You only need one. stuck_out_tongue )


I'm 14 and have no need for a GF. I don't think girls are gross or anything like that, I'm just too young. I don't know why people my age need to be in a relationship. And I'm not saying that because I'm mad that I'm single, which I'm not. (mad)


@noob1234 there was this one girl I was interested in. two actually. one during freshman year and another during junior and senior year. Both girls were "the ones" or the right partner I was interested in. To sum it up: I like this girl and that girl, but me mind is confused. Mind choose to be single.

@helryx stay single my friend. sometimes, relationships can distract you from your school work. not all the time, but sometimes. but you can find that girl who is intelligent, both book smart and people smart and more things:
1) pretty
2) social
3) hard worker
4) honest
5) good influence/role model
6) Loves kids
7) Family person
8) Respectful
9) Strong
10) Be Herself

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Though I have no problems with having a relationship, and even have several female friends, I don't have a true gf, and probably won't for a while.

I'm lonely like that.


If they aren't into whatever the latest celebrity is doing with their fifteen minutes of fame then that's a start. In all honesty I prefer not to go into the what kinda person your into type of discussion as it just feels shallow to me.
@LGNui you just described every girl at my church. What do you expect me to do date them simultaneously and then watch as they tear me to threads when they find out?


internally cringes


@Cordak_the_Last_Makuta you've been officially inducted into the Singles Club! Welcome! We've got more members as well! smile

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I never dated in my life. May I join?


@Xevins yes, we saved a seat for you, styling and profiling! woooo!
But on a serious note, the type of girl I go for would be one who is Human, feels Human, and treats and respects others as Human Beings.


It is logical.