The Relationship Topic

What sort of stuff does she like?

Rock music, guitar, piano, stickers, animals, clothes, yeah idk

You’re good at art, right?

You could make her some stickers for her guitar/guitar case.

I’m straight crap at art

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Naw, I’ve seen some of your artwork.

In any case, you could get her some animal stickers for her guitar stuff…
And maybe something homemade, like cookies ir something.

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I don’t bake lol

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You could
Making cookies ain’t too hard, and it’s a good thing to do because it shows them you care.

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If I could take a moment to dump some thoughts where no one will read them.

I recently got dumped from a long-term relationship. I’m going to keep the details vague but it really came out of nowhere. She told me “I did nothing wrong” and that she still loved me. Not the best thing to say to the person you’re dumping. Against my better judgment I’d even say manipulative. Truthfully she was pretty vague about the whole thing.

I was pretty distraught and looking for advice. One bit I received was that there had to be an actual reason- and that I shouldn’t go looking for it. Because it would be an extremely petty, stupid reason. I found her actual reasoning anyways and it was petty. I got dumped for some pretty silly reasons, but a few good ones too. The problem though was that she didn’t talk to me about it at all, she just ended things over the phone out of nowhere. In any relationship there are going to be little things that bother you, maybe not at first but you’ll gradually find something. It’s your choice if those little things are going to add up over time and eventually break the camels back or if you can work them out with your partner.

What I’d like to impart to all of you is that no matter how much effort you put into a relationship, sometimes it just won’t work out. If both parties can’t compromise & communicate, it wont last. The best thing I think anyone can do is just try to build themselves up enough to be okay the next time life deals a bad hand.


so are you guys just friends now or uh

You don’t stay friends with any ex

s’why you don’t date coworkers


I have to disagree here.

The way I see it, relationships should be developed in levels. First on the platonic. Get to know the other person. Form a close bond before you decide to make the very serious commitment of a romantic relationship.

Then if you do think it’s worth taking that next step, go for it. But if it doesn’t work, that shouldn’t discredit everything that’s been done before. Friends and partners are two very different kinds of bonds with different implications and responsibilities. Just because a romantic connection doesn’t work, does not mean a platonic connection won’t either.

I myself have been making an effort to reconnect with my ex after I found some stuff out. I felt really bad for the way I had been villianizing her all this time, because I found out a lot of the stuff I was mad at her about likely weren’t true. So I reached out to her again, and over the past couple months I’ve enjoyed getting to talk to her again. We don’t talk often, but when we do it’s nice. And I can tell she appreciates the effort because she also makes the effort to start a conversation every now and again.

If you break up with someone, don’t cut them out of your life. Of course a lot of this depends on context and the circumstances around the breakup, but the idea that one just shouldn’t try to be friends with an ex partner just doesn’t seem right to me.

pretty sure the White Stripes would beg to differ

also I have a friend who still talks to most of his exes

Not always the truth.

I mean, even Henry VIII stayed friends with one of his wives.
…one of the ones he didn’t kill…

And many of my friends stay friends with their exes. Just because they weren’t a good couple doesn’t mean they aren’t great as friends.

Okay everybody

Jcton’s got the right Idea - sometimes you can only comfort. And you’ve heard it a million times because it’s true.

My Girlfriend is a Mortician. She sees things on a daily basis that I could never dream of seeing, much less dealing with/coping with. All I can do is be there for her when things get rough - sometimes by encouraging her to explore professional therapy options, but mostly just to make dinner when she’s going through an episode or be a shoulder to cry on when she wakes up at 4 in the morning having nightmares.


I know everyone drove the point home to Rise already but seriously guys do not assume that a breakup means that you cannot be friends. Obviously it is dependant on circumstances, but one of my exes and I were best friends during highschool. We dated shortly after graduation for like, 3 months, and it was really not a good match. We’re still best friends (after about a six month cooldown).

Only a Sith deals in absolutes.


And mathematicians.

And I’m sure that answer is |correct|.


Not even three weeks in and this is the most genuine serious relationship I’ve ever had

EDIT: still going strong dang

EDIT2: three months in. I’m surprised I haven’t messed this up yet…


Well it worked out almost a year later and going strong


Great for you!

fantastic to hear.