The rest of the toa delta

Hey guys it's me Gwideon. So as you know I released Eliptis a while back and she was apart of a toa team known as the toa delta. well here is the rest of them.

Team Name:Toa Delta
Members: Ethos, Eliptis, Magmus, Sylos
Theme: Ready Aim fire By Imagine Dragons

This is Ethos my self moc. He is naive and his temper can get him into trouble.

This is magmus the leader of the toa delta. He is a gruff veteran toa. He has my first custom torso

This is Sylos. He is etho's best friend.

This is a shot of them all together.

I hope you enjoyed. Feel free to comment and stay awesome


I think Magnus and Ethos need better Colour Schemes since
Magnus Shield is a entire different shade of red
and the Red and Transparent red shells stand out
and a Black Football Cup

also the Silver Avohki is strange when the torso is darkish grey and silver pieces on the legs

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Neat! Ethos looks pretty cool.