The Return of Tenebrae Invictus

Figured I should get around to making this.

Anyways, I’m back after two years of serving as a missionary in Arizona. It was an awesome experience and I wouldn’t take back that time, despite all the sweet stuff that happened on the channel while I was gone.

It’s good to be back though!


Did you find out about Bionicle’s return and second death during your mission? Or did you find out just as you got back?

I knew Bionicle was coming back as I left, I bought a few sets while I was away and then oddly wondered why everything was on clearance for a little bit.


Was wondering if a topic for this would be made. What’s it like comparing the TTV community from when you left, to now?

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So are we gonna see you in any podcasts soon?

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Great to see you’re back Invi. Now, are you going to confront Viper or not?


Welcome back! Hope you at least got to catch some of Bionicle whilst you were away.

Welcome back! I know a lot of users who are newer to TTV may not know who you are, but I’ve been watching TTV since 2013. I knew Bionicle came and went while you were away but I hope you could have catched some of it!

Interesting… This sounds very familiar… I smell a Mormon Proceeds to be shot for mentioning religion on the boards…

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Welcome back, @TenebraeInvictus! :smiley:

Welcome back invi!

You missed nothing!


Invi Rising: Revengeance


por what?

Well, I can’t really skirt around why I left. : P


I wouldn’t expect you to, I just saw two year mission and thought “Oh hey, there’s an LDS Cast Member”


Welcome back Invictus! Glad to see you have returned safely! Takuma may give you a run for your money in the witty comebacks department but it will be great to see (hear?) you back on the podcast.

(You planning on catching up on some Studio C?)

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I have no idea who invictus is. That was before I discovered TTV.

You ended the Invictus Analysis because of her. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh wow, welcome back! Glad to hear your trip went well!

Welcome back, Invi! :smile:

This is me right now:

But yeah, it’s good to see you back :smiley: