The Rihaka

Hey there everyone! These guys were made a few months back as a concept for the Bionicle Legacy Project, but I just now got around to finishing them. They are currently non-canon in the project and not planned for any time in the future, but who knows? ¯_(ツ)_/¯
A plate of cookies to whoever can figure ou which two villains these guys were based on.

The strange, cruel, and twisted Rihaka are servants of the Shadows. Many are the tales and legends which surround these six creatures, but they remain hidden in a shroud of mystery and fear. Some say they were the minions of the Shadow King. Others claim that they were villagers who worshipped the Shadows, and paid the ultimate price by being enslaved to and corrupted by it. Whatever the case, they are here, they are awoken, and they serve the Ultimate Power of Makuta.

The antithesis to the pure and Light serving Elemental Creatures, the six Rihaka manifest the elements in a corrupted, sickened way. They spread plague, devastation, fear, anger, and all which goes against the Light with their passing. Adorned with staves of power, wicked spines, and across their sickening reptilian features a terrible, insane grin to drive the bravest hearts to madness, the Rihaka are the most dangerous and powerful beings to walk the Island’s surface.

But the most terrible and disturbing secret of the Rihaka lies hidden behind their alien minds. They each hold within their hearts a disgusting worm manifested of pure shadows which fuels their dark and evil power. These serpents are bonded to the six in unfathomable ways, but if they were somehow released, the Zamata Worms would twist and enslave the powers of Light itself to the service of Endless Shadow.

Six Rihaka are known. They all are beings of pure evil, and they all share the abilities to corrupt to the Shadow that which is not. However they all hold unique motives and each possess power over the dark side of an element. These six are:

Lertan, the Diseased. Lertan has twisted the life and vibrancy of Jungle into slow disease and rot. Plants and bodies shrivel at his feet, his touch brings agony and suffering, and pestilence follows close behind. Lertan’s physical form is capable of dissolving into a swarm of rot flies to easier spread his plagues. With serpent tongue and cruel disposition, he wishes to hold all under his rotten fist.

Garzok, the Killer. The soothing and rebuilding energies of Water has been turned upon its back under the hand of Garzok. His energy causes instant erosion of its target as they are wiped from the world to never be seen again, and his eyes can boil the bodies of his enemies with a glance. Garzok holds a fiery rage, barely tempered with an icy intellect, and tells his victims of his desire to reclaim a portion of himself, though what that means is unknown.

Korhok, the Warmongering. The powers of Ice are pure, noble, and valiant under the powers of the light, but Korhok holds in his grasp the howling fury of the winter’s raging storms. There is no alliance that can stand nor friendship that will hold between those who have been infected by Korhok’s dark powers of rage and brutality. Korhok himself holds above these powers, watching with detached amusement the chaos that follows him.

Panvak, the Breaker. Stone is supposed to be the firm foundation, the unbreakable energy, yet hidden deep within is powers of desert and dust. Panvak is the force who shatters the rocks of the mountains into desert dust, then engulfs his victims in tearing winds and stinging sandstorms. The Breaker cares not for who his powers tear apart so long as their bodies offer more materials for his insane creativity to use in his twisted machinery.

Onriak, the Hungering. Though Earth is the source of strength and vitality, Onriak has made it the end as well. He drains the energy of his foes to make himself stronger, leaving only withered corpses behind. Onriak is the hunter in the dark, the closest of his brothers to pure Shadow, from whom it is impossible to hide, and the deep recesses of the cavern, where only darkness lies.

Tankan, the Feared. Fire is brave and strong and never stands back, yet who has not felt fear when faced by a wildfire or a sudden eruption? Tankan harnesses these powers and turns them against his victims, leaving them drained of inner fire and cowering on the ground, completely at his mercy. Tankan is the most ambitious of his brothers, and will stop at nothing to gain favour in the eyes of his master, up to even attacking his colleagues.


Awesome. I always hoped the rahkshi would have made it into G2, and I’'m glad to see them return.
I eagerly await 2017, dear friend…

There’s definite resemblance to the Rahkshi, but some of the changes made give them a more unique prescience that fits G2.

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Rakshi and piraka.