The rise of the volcano wielder (prologue)

On a distant tropical planet called onai there is a species like no other called the carians . They live in a peaceful tribal society. They are tall creatures, with medium length limbs, and can be seen in a large amount of colors. They are mostly warriors that fight with an assortment of different weapons, but a small percentage of them are born with the abilities to wield one of the elements of earth, fire, water, and air. carians with these abilities are seen as the strongest of their tribe but once every 500 years give or take a few weeks one is born with the abilities to wield the strength of volcanic energy the very energy that created the planet of onai. Our story begins with a carian who is called zelhi he is a wielder who is undetermined (which pretty much means nobody knows what he can wield) he is the child of the tribe’s Healer. Today is a day like any other day on the planet of onai,
Well today was the day of the elemental awakening to see what element the wielders could use. (To be continued hopefully)

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So far it’s good, but you have a few run on sentences. If you try to cut back on those, it’ll be good.

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