The Rushing Spirit - Tarakava Revamp

"The water churned around its vicious looking snout as its long, powerful arms pulled it forward toward Gali faster and faster. The predator wore a dingy-looking, ugly mask over its triangular face, and its gleaming red eyes were ruthless and savage"
— Gali, Tale of the Toa

I'm back once again with my 2001 Rahi Revamps! You can check out my Nui-Rama here! But in a surprising turn of events, next up we have the Tarakava, rather than the Nui-Jaga. The reason for this is actually quite simple. Because I chose to switch to purple instead of blue for my Nui-Jaga, I am currently waiting for my yellow barraki eyes to arrive with my next bricklink order. But, I didn't want to make all you folks wait, so I decided to post my Tarakava MOC whilst you were all waiting.

My Tarakava MOC is easily the one that differs most from it's original model. As I was working on it, I decided to take a different route, and rather than just throwing on some boring back legs, I thought to myself, "The original model was amphibious, so how can I make it look more aquatic in appearance?" Hence the tail.

The tail actually uses a very unique articulation design, with a hose braced against the middle to keep it from tipping, but still giving it enough movement to bend in nearly any direction. Another unique feature is that it has a locking mechanism on it's back (directly below that black tail), that, when moved, can allow the entire torso to twist around backwards, transforming the model into it's aquatic mode. Thoughts would be appreciated! Please upvote and comment!




New and Old Comparison

Tarakava vs. Gali!

The Battle Continues!

The Rushing Spirit vs. The Master of Water!

You'll be seeing the Nui-Jaga sometime next week, followed by the Kane-Ra and Manas Revamps. Stay tuned, and please upvote and comment!


No time travelling Muaka at all?
How sad...

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I decided to go with the Kane-Ra instead of the Muaka for two reasons. It fits better with my group shot's colorscheme (one green, one purple, one blue, one red, one yellow), plus I feel as though the Muaka gets more attention than the Kane-Ra, and has been MOCed a lot more so than its under appreciated Red counterpart.


But Muaka vs Kopaka is classic fight, I'm sad I won't see that :/

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You'll see Kane-Ra vs. Kopaka, which is also classic. wink

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I have seen many attempts at making the Tarakava look "realistic' and (in my eyes) they have all failed. A Tarakava doesn't need to look realistic at all, the wacky tank-tread aspect of its design is one of the most defining characteristics, and I am saddened when a Tarakava MOC looses that tread.
Your MOC, however, though it does eliminate the tread, still retains enough of the original aesthetic to look great while still seeming a little more feasible for a design for an actual creature.


Gail... i will get you someday finnaly...

Reminds me of some kind of marine mammal... very well done.

I like the concept, and the head design is nice

Interesting. I like the different take on the tread leg things.