The Samurknight

One day, I saw that Aaron’s visor fit into the Samurai helmet

and also the rebooted Ninja mask

so I made this guy

his Nexo Power is toxic sting

so after making this guy

the next step, logically

is to make a mech

the swords combine together

and the shield becomes the chest, much like the King’s Mech

Really happy with the crotch, the shins, and the shoulders

shield could be better, but it’s okay I guess.

six cylinder engine backpack is the coolest thing to me.

less happy with the feet and head, tho.

Yeah, this is gonna have to change.


And Size comparison with my two other mechs.


Pretty cool. :smile:


nice. I love the figure :smiley:

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I really like the Fig, with the mix between the Samurai and the Knight.

The Mech is also pretty cool. The overall appearance depicts a Samurai beautifully, but the feet kind of bother me. I can’t really figure out why, though.

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I’m right there with ya, m8.

I’m thinking I might be able to “fix” them(remake them entirely) when I get more Mixels.

Maybe make them 2 studs wide instead of 1.

and cover the grey better, make the black more prominent. We’ll see what happens


There’s really not too much for me to complain about with this. I must say that I like the design of the minifigure, the Aaron visor and Samurai helmet is a great combination.

Something keeps telling me that the proportions are off with the mech. I think that the torso looks a little long for the rest of the build, however, that may just be from the skirt armor making it look long in the pictures.

All in all though, I like it! :thumbsup:

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So this happened.

I think the head looks better

No clue.


I agree that the proportions are off, but I think it’s cause the chest isn’t wide enough. the feet I think would look much better if reversed, and I would like to see some custom hands. the color scheme is really nice, and it really gives off the samurai vibe

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Ninja samurai Knight, the ultimate meme.
I do like the figure a lot, the flow is nice.