The Scorched Ronin (Self Moc)

Backstory of the Moc: So one day I was bored and decided to completely revamp my old self moc, which ended up in me completely destroying it and starting from scratch, and incorporating a more robotic/fire design.

His main choice of weaponry is his rifle, and likes to wear a hat that doubles as a saw blade.

He also carries a double bladed sword thing (totally unique btw).

And everything can be stored on his back, which I really wanted in order to make having all this gear be realistic to carry.

This is what he looks like without any of his gear, feel free to apply criticism and tips to help improve him. Thanks! :smile:


Love one eyed robuts

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decent cyclopian self moc

Only complaint is that the red addons on the lower legs is distracting.

finally, someone else cares about this!

I like the moc, doesn’t need the red on the shins though.
feels a bit like keetongu’s edgy brother.

This looks really cool. But I have to agree with everyone else, the red armor on the lower legs is a bit distracting.

Also I love how you can mount his gear on his back.

The hat and gun remind me of this one bounty Hunter from Star Wars: The Clone Wars (the 2008 CG animated series). Have you seen that show by any chance?

You say that

but let’s be honest here

It’s an Energy Sword from Halo :open_mouth:

He reminds me of Embo.

I got to admit this looks great.
I have no problems with the red parts on the legs.