The Secret Life Of Lego Bricks

Apparently there was a contest recently that decided which Lego book aimed at AFOLs would be published. And the winner was a title called The Secret Life Of Lego Bricks. The official description says that the book will showcase the rich variety of Lego bricks and provide information provided by Lego designers. It looks like it’ll be a pretty awesome book.


The article I read says that it’s a crowdfunding affair. I’m not an expert on crowdfunding, but from what the article said, you can only obtain this book by placing an advance order on a certain website. Well, I looked at the website, and it says that the project is only partially funded. As of this writing, it’s only 52% funded. It’s promising rewards in the form of signed copies to people who fund it, but to fund the project, you have to turn over at least $75. Whoa.

Maybe I’m just misinterpreting it. Maybe the book will be available on the normal market, and this crowdfunding thing is just a means of making that possible. I dunno.

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There is also a 50$ support option though.If you can’t afford to purchase the more expensive options, you can go with the cheaper ones.
I was thinking about pre-ordering this book myself, but considering how it’s not even written yet and it will only release in 2022, I’d say don’t rush and quickly pre-order it just yet.