The Secret Saturdays

You guys remember that show where that one family did top secret cryptid tracking, had a kid that could influence said cryptids, and three cryptids as pets?

This was a show on Cartoon Network that had one season I believe. But, it finished it’s story as the show ended. BUT THEN BEN 10 OMNIVERSE JUST HAD TO GO AND RE-OPEN THE FREAKING STORY GOSH DANG IT!!!..

Calm down ChaoticTempleKnight, this isn’t a Ben 10 Topic…

I got nothing against Ben 10 or it’s sequels by the way.

Discuss away guys and gals. I would have quoted the main villain of the show in the beginning of the topic, but it slipped my mind and I don’t feel looking up that quote…

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This show was the best.
The premise is wonderful.
V.V. Argost was such a good villain.
Van Rook is how to do a bounty hunter right.
Just freaking amazing.

From what I can remember, it was… I dunno… THE BEST SHOW EVER!

I remember seeing commercials about this show on Cartoon Network. Cryptids have always fascinated me but for some reason this show never stuck with me.