The sentry-gun/ mini-sentry and the wrench/gunslinger from the game tf2

The wrench is A melee weapon used by the engineer in tf2, that is used to deal 75 damage and upgrade a sentry-gun, dispenser, or teleporters.

The sentry-gun is an upgrade-able building in tf2 that is used to kill enemy players, that can be upgraded through 3 levels.

The Gunslinger is an item in tf2 that replaces the wrench as your melee weapon, and it makes you only able to place mini-sentry.

The Mini-sentry is just that a miniature sentry that is non-up-gradable





These are amazing. Could you so a dispenser next?


I’ll start gathering red 2by 4s

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This looks great for what its based off of

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Sentry ahead!

I love how you did the mini sentry.

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Many thanks!

Hey these look really good

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