The Sequel of the Pleb

So as my previous post was deleted for no apparent reason I decided to follow it up with some other content. Lets go and take a look step by step what happened:

Seeing this I along with some other people was offended and stated my opinion. In 5 minutes of Patreons on their server calling it a joke the CEO himself started clearing things up. He stated that this is a joke and jokes like this are core to TTV and people that are offended wont enjoy their content. CEO proceeded to question me being offended after me stating that fact multiple times.

To that I replied that being offended by him doesnt prevent me from enjoying “MOC spotlight” for example. And that I’m not offended by their content but by Jonathan calling people that don;t donate to TTV plebeians. The TTV CEO couldn’t respond with anything in return. So instead he said this:

and proceeded to kick and ban me form the discord server and deleted the first post which only contained the picture of im and his message with my opinion on the situation… What a great follow up to offending me and other people!


You were actually offended by this?

It’s pretty obviously just a joke. Chill


I would like to express my complete and sincere apologies for misspelling plebeian.


I never thought I’d see the day where someone was sincerely and unironically offended by being called a pleb.

I recommend taking a step back from the internet for bit and maybe getting a nice soothing cup of tea or something.

(Also Jon isn’t the CEO)


Rub it in, Mr. Big Shot


I like how the attention is shifted in your replies to the fact that I’m offended by being called a pleb when what I really wanted to point out is the overall seeming lack of respect in the whole message by Jon for people that aren’t donating ttv any money. It is also nice to see how you guys seem to think that offending people is a nice gag and is a “core of TTV” while calling TTV a company - haven’t seen Microsoft or Apple calling people plebeians.
(Also I do remember hearing that Jon is the CEO of TTV, but that still doesnt change much for what I have said)
Thanks for the “Plebeian” tag, appreciate it being spelled correctly.

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Good thing we aren’t Apple then, amiriet? ahahahahahahaha.

(Actually Steve Jobs insulted basically everyone he worked with, not really a great example to be honest).

We have a lot of respect for our viewers and we appreciate everyone that takes the time to follow us and support us as creators. Watching our videos, however, does not give you a free pass to be obnoxious. We do not have to put up with people who search for controversy when there is none in an attempt to decry, discredit, defame, and/or slander our name for some pathetic vitriolic reason, especially one as ridiculous as being called a commoner.

It sucks that you were offended. But instead of trying to get us to change, maybe the solution is to stop being offended over stupid things.


But it’s just a joke. He doesn’t actually mean that people who don’t donate are worse than those who do.

Also, why light theme discord?

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so your recommendation is to accept the fact that you insulted me and walk away?!
You don’t have to put up with people being obnoxious, obviously you don’t, but if you have intentionally or unintentionally offended people, you probably should apologize and not ban them from the discord server, you know, in that chat I wasn’t the only person with this view on the situation and this whole thing spiked up from Jons message, not just me randomly acting insulted. As for me b trying to " decry, discredit, defame, and/or slander our name for some pathetic vitriolic reason" - you are only showing that you only care for your own success 'cause it’s pretty obvious that I’m not the person that wastes time for such matters and you can clearly see it from my activity on Message Boards. In this case I along with other people had a problem with a member of the TTV crew, specifically with a message by Jon, that doesn’t mean I’m trying to slander TTV, that means that your crew member slandered TTV in my eyes and offended people. If you want your own viewers to enjoy your content you probably shouldn’t insult them and then proceed to say that they are the problem, this isn’t what normally companies do especially in such a case like this. I’m not defaming TTV I just want one thing - an apology from Jon.

You can have my apology

…if you donate a dollar to our Patreon at and stop being a pleb today! :smiley:


And I think that pretty much wraps up this conversation, thanks for joining us on this exciting adventure everyone!