The Serpentine Train

So, a while back(like, last year) I saw the pics of this thing:

And I really wish it were a set. This “Snake Train” is a prototype/unreleased set based on the Serpentine Bus thing from Ninjago’s first legit season.

I kinda really want it.

Do you guys think you’d have bought it if it were a set?


I’m not a fan of ninjago, and I don’t buy huge system sets, but that looks awesome. It reminds me of the hot wheels track “cyborg assault” I used to own.


Battle trains are cool, and while I will not deny that this looks awesome…

It also looks expensive as balls.

I wouldn’t have bought it because it looks so expensive.


might have gotten it

I also have to wonder what minifigs would’ve been included, since, like Vuhii said, it would’ve likely been a big set.


I want to know why lego never released it


Having just watched the serpentine season for the first time this week, when I first saw the train/bus/truck thing I wondered why it didn’t get a set. Now, after I’ve seen this I am really suprised it wasn’t released…


The Serpentine Train looks awesome and yes I would definitely buy it if it were a set.

I would like to have it, but I would not have the money.

I’d buy.

I’ve never been really in to the villain sets with Ninjago. Though this is cool, I probably wouldn’t have gotten it.

The carriages seem a little simple though guessing it is accurate to the Serptine Bus you mentioned… would probably end up getting it depending on price and figures…

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I don’t buy Lego unless it’s Bionicle so no I wouldn’t buy it however if I was a die-hard Ninjago fan I would totally, looks sweet!

Depends on the cost, but I most likely would of got it if it was under $100

Pythor, Skales, and at least 2 Fangpyre undoubtedly.


I wonder which of the Ninja would’ve been included, if any.

Because usually they try to get some semblance of both sides being in a set, even if it is just minifigs.

Considering the scene that this presumably inspired, Perhaps Cole, Nya(in full Samurai Garb) and Sensei?

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See, what I was thinking was: This set is to the Serpentine what the Ultra Sonic Raider was to the Ninja.

So I think it’d be all five Serpentine Generals(with staves) and then maybe just Cole and Nya


Maybe, however I kind of invision that scene where Sensei detaches the car to face Pythor and their shared destiny without the ninja, along with cole and Nya actually being on the tram at the time.

And then you’d have the fangpyres manning cannons and Skales waiting to intercept Cole.

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Oh, definitely.

I was so disappointed when I found out this wasn’t going to be a set.

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