The Shadow Lion

Mythical creature whose appearance is thought to bring bad luck to those who see it. It’s designed so that its wings flap as its legs move thanks to a complex network of gears. This moc is more of a kinetic sculpture than an actual toy so that is why I built a stand for it. Check out the video to see the lion in motion at this link:


Oh cmon I was just on your flickr 20 minutes ago


Flying kinetic sculpture with magenta eyes.


this looks cool (sees function :open_mouth:)

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Oooooh!!! Yum!

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This looks fantastic and the function really adds life to it!


Gr8 b8, m8.

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this gives me some beast wars vibes

I like it


He’s cool! I like the detailing on the back, and the color scheme is good. He reminds me of a liger zoid :blush:

Wow, this is amazing!

Really cool, but I think it would have been better as a statue. The motion looks like he is slowly swimming. I know programming motion must be really difficult, but It just makes it look silly.

this was clearly made with hacks


This is absolutely brilliant, man! The MOC itself would have been impressive enough, but the fact that you were able to add in the whole function is just minds blowing.

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That function is incredible and completely makes up for the plain leg posing. The shaping is great on the tail and back, though I feel it starts to lose some consistency in the front legs. Also, how about incorporating some more dark red?


  • The Head looks beautiful. The mane is fantastic and I love those flower eyes.
  • Although the dark red in the wings might look odd to some, I think it works with the black.
  • The Back Coverage is great.
  • The Function is amazing, but it does cause my biggest gripe, that being the rather spindly look of the legs, but even then, it’s just a minor nitpick

Overall, I think this is a fantastic MOC! :smile:

@Plural You guys do realize the legs are kind of open for a reason. It’s so the beams and push rods have enough freedom to move around.


Well, yeah.

That’s why I said,

Yeah, we’re just remarking about how it’s a shame that they’re a bit gappy nonetheless. Since there’s not much you can do, that’s fine.

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Holy crap!

What have I witnessed?

Beauty in pure shadowy-lion form!

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I have no words.
You successfully made a smooth lion moc, with a really cool looking head, and a function
10/10 would gaze at again.

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The function is amazing.:+1: