the shadow of Sidorak (a Pitch on the skull horde )

so here today to discuss an idea @Kardax had about Sidorak the lord of skull spiders. the other skull creatures types are listed below:

skull spider: small weak creatures with varying powers and color types. they number in the thousands and are able to take over masks.

visorak: an elite breed of skull spider again with varying powers and color. about matoran size and stronger than skull spiders they are also able to possess them.

Sidorak/LOSS: more info on him once I get an update on his appearance from @Kardax ( he/she was debating whether Sidorak is humanoid, G2 LOSS,or arachnid centaur)

skull warrior: these are matoran who have been infected by the skull spiders. the transformation process is at the bottom of the article.

skull crusher (basher): a variant of skull warrior with enhanced size and strength.

skull slicer: a variant of skull warrior with enhanced speed and agility.

skull scorpio: an arachnid like variant of skull warrior with enhanced strength and a pincer tail that shoots poison?!!

skull ripper: a winged variant of skull warrior with enhanced speed and strength

skull warlock: a rare variant of skull warrior with enhanced elemental power

here is the transformation process:

first the skull spider will latch on to a matoran’s face and drain the matoran’s life power thus controlling the matoran’s corpse like clingers from alien conquest

( please let me know if this is to violent for what we trying to do here just wanted an excuse to let the toa kill these guys)

pleez stay tuned for LDD renders and more


I really like most of what you said here, but I feel as if Sidorak would be better suited for much later seasons when and if other islands are discovered.


Ok before I address the main post, @TheMOCingbird, the idea I had was for Sidorak to be in the third year but to have come from another island, this ends year 3 with the Toa having the knowledge that there are other islands out there. I’ll link my pitch here.

There are no other skull creatures in my idea, they’re all skull spiders, some are just capable of mutating the host, they aren’t the same thing as the G2 skull villains they just have a similar appearance and naming, I think you missed that in my pitch.

Sidorak is the leader of the skull-spider horde and the strongest of the Visorak elite, he and his hordes were brought to Artakha by Makuta to distract the Toa. How Roodaka links to this may be the creation of the skull-spider species, @A2B2C2 am I correct in that?

Honestly the combination is better, it adds more than just having them as separate characters since only one really had a backstory and the other really doesn’t.

They came from another island.

Ok while i’m not against a grey coloured skull spider, there will be more than one colour, to at least reference the colours of G2, they are fast for sure but not that strong, they are only spiders after all and yes they would have night vision. I’m not sure if millions is the quantity but we can say that each assault they make on a city numbers in the thousands at least.

This is literally my pitch. I don’t include the “dark enforcers” though as we already have the villains for this arc, the dark enforcers adds too many characters, they can be left for later years.

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@Kardax I’d say more or less correct about the idea that Roodaka would create the skull spider species. I hadn’t really figured out the full details, but knowing Roodaka’s skill with mutations in G1, coupled with the Morgan Le Fay angle I had in mind for a G3 counterpart, something like that shouldn’t be too far out of her reach. That being said, the jury’s still out on how many of the recent pitches are semi-canon


Protip: don’t make a pitch until you’ve finalized it, even if it’s a bare bones pitch.

Ok so this doesn’t work. The vortixx are not as of yet an established species and Roodaka is a matoran, a powerful matoran but still a matoran. The skull spiders can’t have been brought by Skakdi traders or Mahri Pirates as these do not exist.

According to my pitch, Makuta brings them to Artakha through some means, perhaps an Olmak, and creates a wormhole essentially between the island the skull-spiders are on and Artakha.

Fair enough, my issue with that was that we have 5 skull spider mask colours already from G2 and you choose a colour that they don’t come in? Makes more sense to use the light green, dark blue and silver that they came in, in G2 rather than make them grey. And by small boulders do you mean pebbles? They won’t be larger than the average rabbit and they won’t be using boulders as weapons, they’re spiders.

The skull spiders aren’t related to the enforcers but since they will have the same names, either the Visorak or the enforcers will have to stay and I’m picking the visorak because the skull enforcers are basically the brotherhood of Makuta but we already have ideas for the brotherhood so what’s the point in having both?

And at the end of the day, we only need one of these 3 villain line ups for the year and since the skull spiders are guaranteed, why not just leave it there and have these other group appear elsewhere?

well that makes sense and is Roodaka canon? and as cool as this idea is what are Olmak? and I made a pitch concerning the world beyond Arthaka so the Skakdi are a species (NON-canon

As of yet, Roodaka’s existence as a canon character is unclear for G3…admittedly I probably shouldn’t have suggested using a character from another pitch who hadn’t been canonized yet for G3. Things have kind of been in flux with the change of staff members, the ■■■■■ in direction, and Brainstorm ending.

ok then let bygones be bygones I have rewritten the pitch so hope you like it

Honestly, at the place this is. I think it is going to be impossible to build cannon things in general. It is pretty much dead. If you want to be specific it is in a coma. You not sure if it is ever going to wake up.

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some others had thought of that but @DarkHenrik and @Kardax are leaning towards Sidorak being the thing that would reveal the new islands (if there are any) and I’m with them on that.

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